Thursday, May 4

As ready as I ever am

Tomorrow is PMBAR.  The Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race.

My 14th.

The official 15th time this event has happened.  First time for this tho:

Watts per kilogram (or pound).  One is easier to lose than the other is to gain.

I wasn't even this light when I was taking 24 hour racing super serious, buying ti and aluminum bolts for everything and trimming my hydration pack straps and hoses to save weight.  This is not my final goal, but I probably haven't seen this weight since high school.  All I know is that being 10%+ lighter feels bueno on climbs, so eattabaggadicks (in reasonable portions and before 8:00PM)

My experiences at PMBAR have been as varied as anyone's.  I've got my shit ready and that's about all one can do.

Locked and loaded.  Made a sorta major change last night the hopefully I won't regret.  Will share with the class at some point.  The Nuclear Sunrise Titan Tank is full of Gummy Bears, bacon, and iodine pills.  That's it.  That pile of shit in the background needs to get in duffel bag ASAP.

I finally got a Super 8 Strap in my favorite colorway.

I expounded upon the virtues and versatility of this strap before.  The kookie weather tomorrow is sure to see me sticking one or another layer in here for safe keeping... and probably taking it back out again.  Did I mention they come in colors now?  I just did.

Also got me one of the Maxxis logo Race Straps that were being handed out at Sea Otter.  Not much to say about that, other than I have now upped the number of Maxxis logos on my bike by 10-15%.

So, a chance to redeem myself for the past two years and also the opportunity to go three years in a row with stupid mental errors.   I guess we'll see.  I'm feeling physically decent... if that's a way to put it.  Watts (my PMBAR/life partner) performed pretty well in a garvel grinder a couple weeks ago, but he was sick when he did it, and mebbe even sicker now.

Today.  Work, drive, set up my sweet Air BNB in the back of the Fit of Rage...

ride over to the Pisgah Hub and Tavern, beer, eat some mediocre Mexican food, ride back to my psuedo #vanlife setup, sleep, wake up, coffee, portable 7 minute breakfast, get dressed for whatever weather we might be up against, ride all day long, burrito, beer.



Paul Shin said...

Does the Titan Tank bag hit your knees/legs when climbing out of saddle? I had a Revelate Gas Tank that kept hitting my legs. I switched to a Jerry Can that mounts to the seat post, but wish for more volume.

dicky said...

I only have issues with my knees hitting it IF it's loaded to the gills. As long as the contents don't push the sides out, I'm okay with it.


Anonymous said...

122#?! Dude, you better get in the weight room. come on Dicky, that's silly. You'd better work on some bone density shit.