Tuesday, May 2

Over All Anal Isis

The bike is ready (mostly), but how's the body and mind?

The toe I rolled over and mebbe broke but mebbe not back in October.  I would say that it doesn't hurt... most of the time.  I did lose some range of motion.  This is me trying to make fists with my toes:

I can't get my right big toe to bend down no matter how hard I try (attempt to fake this pose).  Doesn't seem to affect things much, but I might have a hard time decompressing after a long flight.

My hands have been so-so after I overdid it with the trail work over a month ago.  The more I ride my rigid mountain bike, the better they feel (I don't get it either), but the scorpion wreck on Sunday kinda reawakened some of the pain.  Meh.

The same goes for my rhomboid issues.  I feel better after a rigid mountain bike ride.  Even much better when I get away from work.  Mebbe I need to quit my job and be a professional single speeder like Gordon Wadsworthless?  I bet he's never unhappy or sore or tired or... feels human.

Speaking of the scorpion wreck, it's amazing how many things hurt when you touch the floor at my age.  I don't even have a clue where some of these pains are coming from.  At least my angry phalanges and shoulder are now in good company.

My weight? Still holding that information close to my chest.  I've dropped most of the winter gain, but still have a "goal" in mind.  It's possible before Pisgah 111k but not realistic before PMBAR... although it would have been, had I more willpower last month.

I have been feeling energetic lately, uncommon for my 47 soon to be 48 self.  I credit some of this to drinking Rocket Red on the daily for the past two plus weeks, or as I like to call it, Cheat Juice (coupon code at the end of this post).

I don't wanna come off as a snake oil salesman, but I'm pretty sure something's going on.  I'm waking up with more energy and feeling pretty good on my morning rides.  I'm still feeling the tingle from the beta alanine about ten minutes after I drink it, which is strange... but not too strange.  Just different.

I do know I'm getting more out of this than when I've previously drank straight beet juice (from powder and/or actual juiced beets).  Probably because it's more than just beet powder. If you're interest is piqued, read this from the CarboRocket site:

2 grams Carnosyn - The only patented, research proven form of Beta-Alanine. Over 55 Clinical research studies. Clinically proven to decrease the discomfort of muscle burn, delay muscle fatigue, extend endurance and maximize strength gains.

1000mg Tart Cherry Juice (non-GMO) - Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Powder, maximum anthocyanins. Powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle damage during activity leading to quicker recovery. Also decreases muscle pain during activity and promotes restful sleep.

6 grams Beet Root Juice (non-GMO) - Not just any beet root, 2-3 times more betanin than other beet root juice powders. 1 serving provides the same benefit as drinking 25oz of fresh beet juice! Metabolizes into nitric oxide in the body, dilating blood vessels, improving blood blow and allowing body to use less oxygen, increasing endurance and stamina.

1000mg Pomegranate juice (non-GMO) - Naturally rich in nitrates, pomegranate juice helps boost nitric oxide, increasing blood flow and time to exhaustion. It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory delaying muscle soreness while shortening recovery times.

3 grams L-Citrulline Mallate 2:1 - Delays onset of fatigue during intense training. Helps the body recycle lactic acid and turn it into energy.

I should mention that it tastes pleasant, not like straight beet juice which tends to taste like dirt to me.  You might say that it's kinda expensive, but the way I've been feeling lately, I'll pay for this feeling to continue (yeth, I've been paying for it).

I wish I could share some STRAVA data or other informational graphs or charts that would give you solid affirmation of the way I've been feeling, but I don't go in for all that too much.  I just know there are certain parts of my training/commute routes where I feel like I'm "getting it" much better than I should be this early into my "season."  I've felt fresher on the daily, and I'm looking forward to being out on the bike all that more.  Other than eating my seven minute breakfast, drinking Rocket Red has been the only lifestyle change that I can link my (perception of) improved performance to right now.

That said, I'm only going to be taking it during the "season."  I don't need to feel this good October thru March.  I'll settle for feeling like a 48 year old that eats well enough but does some recreational harm to my body on a semi-regular basis in the off "season."

Click here to order and enter coupon code RICHRED which is good for 20% off and free shipping on Rocket Red only. One use per customer, so no trying something sneaky sneaky, please.


Rob said...

Bravo on the Die Hard reference...

AdamB said...

Thanks for the coupon code. I just ordered some awesome old man juice. Half-century bday is in September so I need every advantage I can get these days...

Pete Jaros said...

Placed an order. Do you use the hydration products?

dicky said...


I've been using the Half Evil for two or three years now to make getting calories in me a lot easier (2 scoops = 220 calories). No issues with using it with any food I've eaten so far. I prefer the purple drank flavor.

I've thought about trying the Hydration Electrolyte mix... mostly because the flavors sound good, but I'm afraid to mess with the good thing I got going.

thekettleblackest said...

Thanks for the code! I ordered some snake oil....we shall see if it works!

Anonymous said...

We use this product and it is great!! The tingling takes a little getting used to. Thought I was having an allergic reaction at first!!