Wednesday, May 17

Time = Short

It was probably last week when I finally looked at the month of May... on a calendar... up close like.


Not sure why I didn't see it, but I leave in one week for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  There was a time when the Pisgah 111k was two weeks prior, then one week prior, now just days.

Hmmm... well.

It took at least four days for me to bounce back to normal human feels from PMBAR a couple weeks ago.  A full week before I felt like my legs were completely back under me. Wondering how I'm gonna feel after only a few days and a nine hour drive to PA.

To top it all off, this is a "living la vida bachelor" week, and while I'm wishing that I was playing with my friends after work, I've been prepping things for both races in a effort to save what spare time I'll have Sunday evening through Wednesday morning to spend with the fam.

The toiletry bag has been the best travel tool bag I've ever seen.  Enough so, I've looked for another one to replace it when it wears out, but nothing is equal in awesomeness.

Perhaps a waste of time, but I got the Stickel Meatplow V.6 all up and running Monday night.

Race brakes on my "trail bike," Trail brakes on my "race bike."  Makes sense.

The last three things I've done to the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 have all added some weight to the "race bike."  Pretty sure all three are improvements tho.  Mebbe.

I've been ignoring the Stickel lately... I don't remember the last time I rode it.  February?  Dunno.  I mostly bring the bike for spare parts, but I've also put it into service on Enduro™ Day at TSE in the past... which is now on the second day?

I don't like the idea of swapping back and forth between rigid and squish and back to rigid during a stage race, but I also don't like bleeding minutes and seconds on a stage when only the downhills are timed.  Meh.  I'm hoping my doors are blown off so hard on the first day that I give all my fucks away early on and just stay with the rigid frok all week.  Mebbe even put on the Maxxis Minion DHR+ 3.0 tire and just run into all the things the rest of the week?

But I have to give up on podium dreams before I do that.

So, yeah.  I'm busy.  In that way that I get home, cook, eat, shower, get to the business of laying shit out for two different races... and leave myself some time to unwind watching Archer before going to bed at a very geriatric 10:00PM so I can get up early for junk mile mornings.  Pretty sure I fell asleep well before that last night, as I woke up on the couch at 1:47AM with the TV still on and a mostly full beer on the coffee table.

Not very living la vida, I know.


Eric Gadlage said...

That is not so bad if you finished the beer before moving to the bed

dicky said...

I did not.

I was very much "how did I get here?" and decided it was as much effort as I could muster just to find my dead phone and set a normal alarm clock.