Thursday, June 15

Forty Six & 2

Cover your eyes for a big sur...


I ruin everything.

Pardon the man rock reference, but I will be Forty Six & 2 (otherwise known as 48) this Saturday.

The Pie and I are heading up to Charleston, WV again to celebrate.  Here's hoping the "concert on the river" thing isn't a "concert under a river" thing like last year.

I hope to get some riding in at the Kanawha State Forest, The Pie is running a five miler that starts right across from our hotel, then dinner and whatnot at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews... because burritos... and brews, and then we're heading over to stay in another hotel where there's beer and a comedy club downstairs and a really old talking bird in the lobby

Come for the laughs, stay for the bird and strange people in the hot tub.

The weather's looking iffy, so I'm not sure how much maximizing of the great outdoors we'll get, but the concert is across the street from the hotel, and I've got plenty of Gore Tex to keep us dry enough to stand there and look at wet people drinking Bud Light.  If I can't ride trail, I'll probably just fart around the city on whatever bike I bring.  I love the old buildings in downtown Charleston, so buenos either way.

Lame post.  It's my birthday.  Cut me some slack. 

See yinzers when I get back.


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Yay Gore!

Ari said...

Happy birthday man. Have a good one. Ari

Glen Evans said...

happy b-day!

Derron Tanner said...

Happy birfday Dicky! Hopefully I not look as scraggly 'n haggard when 48 years I survive to be.

AdamB said...

Happy birthday duder! Have a great trip and best wishes to the Pie on her run!