Tuesday, June 6

Looking forward before backwardsing

Allow me some cheese with my whine.

Well, that went as expected.

I knew I would have a hard time recovering from the Pisgah 111K on a Saturday to begin a stage race on a Thursday.  I mean, I know what I shoulda done between the two to make things better...

* Avoid alcohol, eat well, and get a good night's sleep after the 111K.

* Go home Sunday, get on the bike for a light one hour spin, eat, squeezy leg bags, nap, eat, more squeezy leg bags more, eat... mebbe nap again?

* Take it easy the rest of the days before the drive to PA and avoid post-work beers.

What I did do:

* Not eat after the 111k.  Just beer and chocolate milk (drank at the car, Dahn).

* Wake up before sunrise, drive home, get to work on repairing the damage from 111K and pack for TSE

* Crack my first beer at 11:00AM.

* Continue to clean things, pack things, write a couple blerhg posts, crack more beers.  Eat... something?

* Greet my family when they arrive home from their trip, crack more beers with The Pie, go to bed sometime after 11:00PM.

* Realize that I did the wrong things for two days already, continue doing wrong things for next two days.

So thusly, I was not surprised when my legs didn't bounce back for TSE.  Whatevs.

I had a blast.  Absolute.  The only real regret I have (aside from fooling myself into thinking I could do well at both events, given my propensity to self-sabotage) is mebbe convincing the others to join me in the Non-Tryers Club.  I just hope they had as great a time as I did, because that truly was some of the most enjoyable moments that I've had at a stage race.  Honestly.

All that accounted for, I have a lot of nothing race-related planned until the Breck Epic in August and the Marji Gesick 100 in September.  I only have plans to have a blast at the former and attempt to break the belt buckle-earning 12 hour mark at the latter.

Not like I need another belt buckle, but I could use a "goal" to work towards that is quite possibly out of reach and not related to a podium (which depends more on who shows up and less about how well I do).


My motivation to get out early in the morning and train right now?


Those are so far away, brah.  I'm not an "athlete."

Granted, my Faster Mustache Skinromper™ should be here today or tomorrow.

Of course, it will need de-sleeved ASAP, but a certain amount of unnecessary me that I've gained back since the start of TSE needs to go away toot sweet (pardon my Fronch).  At least there's some kind of motivation to get back on the bike and to step away from the cupboards.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much weight I've gained, but I have little shame.  Let's just settle for large newborn amount of weight added since the day before I left for PA.  Mebbe a baby's arm or two worth of it is muscle mass.  At least a couple baby's fists.


Coming up, two equipment related posts that I've been putting off, so there's that.  And then?


Training my liver for the Dirt Rag Dirt Fest WV in mid-July whilst spraying Pam all over me to get into my Skinromper™?  I guess that's something, emmaright?

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Anonymous said...

what you can't party like a rock star when over 45 years old and keep the weight off?! what's wrong with you?