Monday, July 24

Would you like to swing on a star?

I had a great weekend.  How 'bout you?

I was too lazy to carry my phone with me on Saturday, so zero images from a great ride of Kitsuma and Heartbreak Ridge.  A birthday celebration of a Faster Mustache teammate with friends and whatnot.

Meant to be shared with the birthday girl at the overlook, but different paces and water needs and calm sorts of discombobulation saw divisions throughout the day, and a small group ended up taking their sips on the last little up on the way down Heartbreak.

Mexican food and beer with friends and a late night that meant a very low key Sunday.  Let's call it "recovery."

Something I've been trying to do lately.

Since Trans-Sylvania Epic, I've been super lazy.  In fact, too lazy to walk across the room and grab the squeezy leg bags out from their storage place (right under the TV) and put them on... and just sit there... and let them do all the work... while I watch that TV.

That's some kinda lazy.

But with the post-TSE chaos and other things to do that were done that culminated in the Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest weekend now behind me, I guess it's time to put the soft focus on being ready for the Breck Epic.

This started last Monday tho.  Riding with slightly more intent.  Sorta keeping track of beer consumption as opposed to just start/stopping when it felt like the thing to do.  Think about the food I put in me and mebbe even when I put it in me.  Basically, I realized I had 27 days to turn this ship around and get myself back into a physical condition capable of dealing with the @ 240miles with 40,000 feet of climbing in a tolerablesque manner.  Just fit enough to make it fun, but not so much that I might consider "trying" very hard to go fast (at least in an upwards direction).  I'm not delusional.

At least when it comes to  "performance."

I can't wait to get to Breckenridge and ride bikes with my little friends.


Glen Evans said...

sounds fun the break epic that is. i so enjoy the boost to the engine from riding at altitude. enjoy!

Ned Connell @ Transportation Systems Planning said...

Shoes the most important and overlooked part of singlespeeding

look at Gerry Pflug wearing Louis Garneau's stiff but with some good flex and fairly "run-able"


Ned Overed wearing Specialized Rhimes very flexible and a fast running shoes, but maybe not the most efficient cycling shoe

Now we only need to get Mizuno, who makes running shoes with a carbon fiber plate to start making cycling cleats

I've opted for Specialized 2FO CLIPLITE MTB SHOE in the interim - a compromise at best

It is great to say "on the left" and run by a geared FS spinning - makes me smile everytime