Wednesday, August 23

'17 Breck Epic: Stage Three

Stage 3 – Guyot - 41 miles, 8100′ of climbing

Jeremy is prepared for the lifestyle today.  Three aid stations means three drop bags which means three beers.   Per person.  Bueno.  I didn't mind sharing the first two days, but it also wasn't part of my plan.  Which is now our plan.  Because we're a couple.

Single speeder Kenny from Ohio had been finishing just a bit behind us each day, but today, he's hot on our heels and within sight early on.  We do the nasty descent down Little French Gulch (I'm now 5 for 7 with no flats here) and roll into the first aid station.  Kenny comes in just a little behind us, and we peer pressure him into joining us for the long walk up French Pass,,, after he shares in our beverages, as per the lifestyle rules, of course.

photo cred: Ffej Knar
We get a little separated on the way up, and I end up going down the backside alone.  We regroup at the second aid station.  Split two beers three ways.  Head to the next climb up to one of my all-time favorite downhills, the Colorado Trail from Glacier Ridge Road.

I've cleaned the rocky lower portion in the past, but the previous night's rain has made the conditions slicker than snot.  I end up high-siding and going down pretty hard before I even get down to the really good stuff, shaking my nerves just a bit.  Rattled, my performance on the wet rocks in less than inspiring. 

photo cred: Timothy Faust 
I stay on the bike through the techy bits... for the most part.  Not enough to be patting myself too hard on the back tho.  Clipped in when I passed the camera, so what else matters?

Roll into the last aid station.  Get my beer and bacon.  Wait for Jeremy.  Watch a guy perform the most entertaining dismount in history as he half attempts to ride across the remains of the bridge into the aid station.  He almost dies but didn't, so much laughing and side pains.  Jeremy arrives and grabs his beer.  Then Kenny.  The remaining beer is processed, and we hit the final climb... each of us having our own personal dark moments getting back to the finish line.  Kenny is right there the whole time and seems to be settling into the "lifestyle."

I get to the end.  Wait just this side of the finish line.  Kenny comes in at a million miles and hour.  I yell for him to stop.  Lifestylers finish together.

A somewhat shelled looking Jeremy comes down the hill, and we cross the line as a disorganized couple plus one.

We are now three.



Jordan N said...

This has been the first thing I read in the morning since Monday. Will Jeremy and Kenny follow the lifestyle?? Will just Jeremy??? Will the noise in Dicky's bike go away? Will his BB make it???? Man I can't wait to see!!

Charles Martin said...

I read this blog and then Guitar Ted's daily report on his Gravel Worlds experience. Two train wrecks in slow motion. Both extremely entertaining in completely different ways.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Wish I could have participated