Thursday, August 3

Are You There Dog? It's Me, Dicky.

Here is where my current state of Breck Epic preparation related paralysis has me:

Lightest wheels I've got are on the bike with an Ardent 2.4 front/Ardent 2.2 rear.  3,710 grams.

Heavier but capable wheels with Minion DHR II+ front/Ardent Race 2.35 rear sitting right next to the bike.  4,280 grams.

570 grams (1.25lbs) molar.

Forty or so minutes of effort, swapping tires and wheels and cog and spacers and toobless goop to have all my options sitting there before me.  One tire might have been removed from one wheelset to be put on the other only to end up where it started.  Nobody's perfect.

Would take minutes to swap to the heavier set up now.  Would take zero minutes to do nothing.  I'm very good at doing nothing.  Truly is my forte.  Look at how much nothing I can do:

I'll admit, hitting the space bar a few times is slightly more than nothing.

Every day, we'll probably start with some climbing.  By "some," I mean "loads."  That problem I talked about a couple days ago... drifting (accelerating?) towards the back of the fastest starting field of the day?  It would happen a bit slower with the lighter wheels.  Not a lot, but mebbe I'd be less lonely for an extra fifteen minutes a day?

The monster truck meats.  I can't help but think about how fun that looks... 29 X 3.0 of 3C/EXO/TR technology coming in at 1,110 grams sticking to the surface of the earth like Velcro at 11PSI.  All party, all the time... except when I need to get it up the side of a mountain.  Less of a party and more of a wake.

That Fox Step Cast fork over in the corner... calling my name.  The mechanical incarnation of a pile of money.  An albatross around my neck.  Let's just rule that out right now.  Then we can all move on.



I'll get one more ride this weekend, and then I gotta hand my bike over to Big 'n Buttery for the drive out to Breck.  There will be no turning back then.

The Six Stages of the Breck Epic Preparation and Execution

*something happens*
After Party

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