Wednesday, November 22

Beans don't burn in the kitchen

Today was the day, the cumulative effect of almost two months of adult bullshit effort.

The Pie and I bought a stupid house.

Not this house.  This is the current bike room situation that is packed and will somehow be remade in a quainter setting... eventually.

So, if you've talked to me about the subject of owning a house, renting some place to keep your stuff, or living the van life, you know where I've stood for years.  Renting a place was working well for us.  It really was.

But then came a point where it wasn't and something needed to be done and the stars aligned (mostly because we pushed them across the sky) and we bought a thing.

Damn it.

We had bought a house way back in the early 2000s.  The process of buying was easier then.  I barely remember it.  This time?  The Pie and I have done everything we could to keep our noses clean and our asses debt free for more than a decade, but that didn't stop all the anal probing of the last month and a half.  It was like a scavenger hunt through a time machine.

But anyways, that's where my brain has been for the past many weeks.  Looking for documents, signing shit online and IRL, measuring rooms and furniture, looking at houses and getting sads and happies, inspectors, realtors, and surveys and... I hope it was all worth it.

They say it will be.

Our lives will be a bit messy for a bit, as we move in over the Thanksgiving holiday and try to get settled into our new place.  Yes, while you're eating turkey tomorrow, I'll be shoving boxes into the back of a 17' Uhaul truck (you're entirely welcome to join me).  I've been wanting to live in a smaller place ever since we moved into this last house (the one the tree attacked a year ago), and now I get the chance.  It's not without its challenges tho.  For the first time in more than fifteen years, mebbe twenty?), I won't have a specific place for my bike shit.  That is to say, not one place where I can keep my bikes, tools, gear and other related sundry items.  Things are going to be scattered about the house for a bit until we have time to do something about it, but we got bigger fish to fry at first, so...

my stuff, like everywhere.

Once again, these are the joys of having a gear-intensive hobby.  Just like when I fly on a plane with my bike for a vacation or a stage race, I start wishing I was a skate boarder or mebbe an ultimate Frisbee enthusiast.

I guess that I'm what people call "happy."

I'll have tons of musings coming regarding the move and related life changes.  Until then...

Thursday: Moving boxes, mebbe some furniture
Friday: Moving leftover furniture if I couldn't get it the day before
Saturday: Start putting things in things' places and spend the evening in a beer fueled Ikea Assemble-a-thon.

Join me. Or not.


Movin' on up said...

Congrats, I think... There are pros and cons to both. Hopefully you have a Happy Thanksgiving despite one of the most despised activities > MOVING. Just make sure the Bronson has a nice place to sleep on the waterbed first!

Jordan N said...

New squishy bike and new squishy house in the same 5ish week time span whoa congrats!

Glen Evans said...

congrats ! happy thanksgiving!

Ari said...

We bought at the height of the market like idiots. We are still under. Water.. We. Had to rent it out and move because of work and now get gouged in in high rental market. My dream is to get rid of that house, move out of the rental and live in a pipe.

Anonymous said...

Property is the enemy of leisure