Tuesday, November 14

Not the "New Bike Day" I wanted... Part 2

I stayed up too late on Friday.  With no Saturday plan aside from the Spoke Easy 6 year anniversary party at 5:00PM the next day, there was no reason to not spend two hours in the bike room staring at the Ikea website with the family.  20 year old couches that smell like 3,000 different dogs and cats don't replace themselves.

Up Saturday, kill some time piddling about... wait patiently until after 10:00AM.  Text The Dude.  He is in fact continuing with the build assisted by Tumas. I grab my keys and drive over to Bike Source.   The bike is at 70% completion.

I start sticking my hands in the mix and now we're three people on one bike.  At some point, I'm just in the way, so I start looking at bottle cages to replace the shitted out one I was gonna put on my new frame.  Tumas says go crabon.  My emptied out and turned into a two wheeled midlife crisis wallet said plastic.  Tumas, disappoint, mounts it in the manner he felt appropriate.

 I'm all set for some next level Enduro™ amateur homeless personing.

Anyways, shorten all the hydro lines to the point that they're longer than I want, but since I didn't do them, I feel a safe sense of just being okay with that.  Besides, with 800mm bars, I imagine there's some sawing and retrimming in my future.

Learn how to adjust the rebound speed of the Reverb drooper, watch them brake out the plastic Eagle doodad to adjust the rear derailleur, and buneos.  My new bike is built.  It's probably some time after 1:30PM.  Too late to squeeze in a ride and still make it to the Spoke Easy for their pre-party in town pedal.  Plenty of time to go home, bed in the brakes, ride some shitty wheelies in front of the house, and apply some protective tape to the bad rubby things on the frame.

All that done, I grab the Stickel and head out the door at 4:30PM.  Get to Spoke, stand around, look for a ride to assemble... nothing.  After about 45 minutes goes by, I grab a beer and settle in for the evening. 

I get corralled into doing some Gold Sprints.  I get further and further away from the small amount of food I ate in the middle of the day.  Meh.  I don't feel so hot.  No more beer.  Just hang out, have fun, catch up with some people I don't see all that often, try to plan a ride with seventeen different people in forty different conversations.

And then it's 1:10AM.  Somehow, that happened.

A very slow ride home, take off the shoes on the front porch, tiptoe into the house, and drop down on the smelly, soon to be gone couch.

I wake up late (for me) and realize I still have zero solid ride plans for New Bike Day.



Anonymous said...

Hey I has absolutely useless multi tool that I threw into the woods, then took better part of an hour to find back because littering is bad. That mounts on that pretty good plastic bottle cage. You want it?

dicky said...

Pretty sure there's zero room below my cage for a SWAT tool. It's tight in my lower regions.

Anonymous said...

Nothing a dremel can't fix. Need 21.6mm and a finger from bottom of cage.
You choose finger you want to use depending on tightness.
And not sure why I am anonymous.
~ Joël

Chris said...

hopefully a terribly planned new bike day bronson ride at least involves some BYT dual slalom repeats