Wednesday, January 31

I am (hardly) the Warrior

So, somehow I'm going back to the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek... for the millionth time.

Okay, not the millionth, but how many ever times since 2009.

First year, first race for MOOTS, and way before droopers on rigid bikes were buenos.

Anyways, while we were out riding this past Saturday morning, someone brought up the fact that registration opened hours ago... and most people did that thing they do where they get up and hit their keyboards hard like a hippo jumping outta a lake.  I was caught unawares and figured that was that.  Thorry, but I'm being pretty lackadaisical about '18.  It's gonna be my thing.

But someone told me yesterday that it's not quite sold out yet.  Close, but not completely. 

Well, shit.

I sent Dip 'n Spray a text.  We're back in it, not necessarily to win it, but definitely in it.  I mean, we both have some great skinsuits now.

Two years ago, we got second place in the Duo Single Speed Class, but we won the podium, so...

Last year, the same two duders (Jarzomski and Boylan) crushed us, but so did three other teams.  Despite the fact that we stayed in a hotel the night before so we both wouldn't be out drinking (like two years ago), we ended up doing worse.  Apparently, drinking in a hotel room is worse than playing the home game and getting up at 5:00AM in your own bed.

So we've agreed to go back and defend our honor... if we can find it... if we ever had it. 

Google says we didn't.

We mostly decided that we needed some reason to not be bags of shit until it's too late to do anything about it this year.  Something about a good early "season" race to make you look at your pasty reflection in the mirror and notice that thing hanging around your midsection.  Gotta look good for banana hammock "season."

So this is your final warning that there are very few spots left (and the price goes up TOMORROW), so if you're gonna do the most popular 6 hour race on the planet, get to it.  I can't promise that I'll rip off my shorts on the podium, but I'll  bring them in case a lot of our competition has mechanical issues or diarrhea or something.

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