Tuesday, January 9

Regressive Progress

This is the most noncommittal I've ever been in January.  I've managed to lock down two "activities" thus far.

I registered Watts and I for PMBAR.   This is no surprise to anyone.  I will do this event until I'm either:

1. Dead
2. Unable to ride a bike (for reasons other than dead)
3. Nuclear war (probably falls under #1 tho)

I think that covers all possible scenarios.

Anyways, we're registered via a King of Pisgah entry, but the rest of yinz have to wait until January 12th to get in... but don't dilly dally.  It sells out in hours, if not minutes.

So there's that and the fact that Bill Nye and I sat down the other night and bought our tickets for Send-ona Mancation '18.  I've been wanting to go out there for years, but... things and stuff.  All it took was a little arm twisting (and death threats) from Matt McFee of Hermosa Tours, and I decided there was no better time than the present.  My "off year" before mebbe giving it one decent go at being a 50+ racer (big mebbe).

I do love me some desert riding, but I've had enough of Moab, and Fruita didn't quite float my boat (it's me, not you).  I do have some minor reservations about riding in Sedona, based mostly on this ridiculous trail:

Matt has assured me that he's not going to take us there.  I don't think I'd wanna see it from a helicopter.  My fear of heights, which is exacerbated by any increase in exposure, is bananas.  It's not getting any better as I get (much) older.

I made this on Sunday morning...

mostly because on Saturday of this past La Vida Bachelor Weekend, I did this:

* Woke up on Bill Nye's couch with a self-inflicted headache.  I may have peed in a Fiji bottle in the middle of the night.

* Rode home in 14° temps, my headache enjoying the icy cold squeeze.

* Showered, watched a movie, fixed my Spurcycle bells, watched another movie... all while scrolling Facebook/IG and thinking about doing something.

* Took note of all the hardy souls that either got on the trainers or went outside to ride or do trail work.

* Watched another movie.  I thought about going under the house to the crawl space/murder room and getting out The Pie's trainer and setting it up in front of the TV.  I could ride for an entire movie.

* Decided to not do those things (aside from watching another movie).  I'm not going to get "fit" in one day.

* Swapped the front tire on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7.  More about that later.

* Called my mom to see if she needed anything.  She did.  I put on some "clothes" and left the house.  I found a blown-out pocket zipper on my Maxxis puffy coat that caused me some dismay that set back my departure quite a bit.  I had to leave, the task of fixing it incomplete.

* Stopped at a grocery store on the way home.  Purchased pizza, beer, and a 20oz Coke.  They threw the shame in for free.

* Fixed my zipper.  Watched more movies until it was way later than I normally want to be in bed.

Sunday, I woke up in mine own bed.  Late.  Awesome.

Had to kill time until a planned ride with Bill Nye (and eventually Mills) at the USNWC trails... when it got slightly warmer.  Pop tarts, coffee... left over pizza.

And then make a shitty meme that encapsulates my entire weekend.  Not being totally engrossed in the concept of making great bike race is truly... odd.

But I do like pizza tho.

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