Friday, February 9

The Tour... again?

Sorry.  I'm back in my Tour duh Charlotte haze state.  I'm staring at maps and satellite images and thinking about how to make the most out of every weekend between now and March 24th to halp make great bike race (for others).

We decided to make it happen again a little later than we have in the past.  There is still a ton of commitment to make it a quality event, one worthy of the cost of entry.  We've lost some key players from the past due to life changes that have put physical distance between them and the Queen City, but we continue to have some deranged passion about this event and an enthusiastic core...

So the urban dirt bonanza that I always hope will be our last ever becomes the all-consuming thought once again.  All the details are here and most of them are correct.  Registration is up and running, and you might notice one significant change.  This year, it will be the same price for racers and spectators/party pacers.  It simplifies things on our end, and mebbe it will push some people over the edge to give racing a try.  Everyone still gets a nice ride around Charlotte, some beer, food to stick in their face parts, and an overall good time for most of the day.  Racers just get to ride their brains out on some trail trying to beat each others' dicks off (figuratively speaking, esp for the women racers).

More than likely, we will sell out AGAIN.


And that's a big "but" (I can not lie).

There will be no exceptions made if you don't get registered.  If we've learned one thing from the last five years (and I'd like to think we've learned at least ten things), it's that there's a certain amount of people that are manageable when guiding folks through the city.  There's no reason to go beyond that amount.

That said, get in now if you wanna play with us and get dirty in the woods.  There may not be any more getting to be had as we approach to the day of the event.

Six weeks to go.

Expect content to continue to be spotty here at best.

Especially with this weather. I might have to "race" this Sunday just to give a ride in the rain a sense of purpose.

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