Monday, March 12

Sumpin to Prove

By Friday night, I'd already had one of those weeks.  Between a cold rainy day at work (just like today, huzzah!), a yearly physical exam (and the nervous moments until getting the lab work results), and general gloom associated with a poor weekend weather forecast, I was ready to sit on the couch, drink beer, and write it all off.

So a few cold ones in and prepared to just sleep in the next day (if not through the entire weekend), I get a text around 9:30PM.  Big 'n Buttery wants to know if I wanna join in on a mountain adventure.   He sent me a screen grab of a STRAVA ride.  I don't recognize much other than the area (Wilson Creek), mileage (30+, enough to justify the time in a car), and the people coming (Emily and TP).

Check the weather for Morganton...

More than a fair chance of wet and cold.

I guess it's better than trying to sleep through the whole weekend.

Up kinda early and wait for my Mountain Uber to arrive.  Jump in, quick stop at QT for 1,000 calories of breakfast burrito, park in a gravel lot where I'd never think of parking, suit up for possible rain and sads, head out and up a long gravel slog.

 Sights along the way...

I don't know what this is.  I don't know what it's supposed to do.  I don't know what I'd do with it.  I still want one (or two).

We finally hit some trail mebbe an hour and a half after we left the car, and I'm somewhere that I've definitely been before but could probably not find on a map.

 Shredding commenced.

Until we hit the happy place that most that have been will recognize.

 A man and his meat.
 photo cred: Big 'n Buttery

Some punch-in-my-dick climbing followed by some "traversing" and then more funs.

Finishing with an unorthodox way to exit the woods because... reasons?

My almost death was enough to make sure I turned around and snapped a picture of someone else's.

No body ded.

Back at the car, decide to not add another loop that woulda pushed into possible darkness.

Eagle, why doth thou forsake me with leafage?

La Salsas for food, so obvs... burrito.   Big 'n Buttery surmises that it's mathematically impossible for me to fit a basket of tortilla chips, six tiny cups of salsa, 32oz of Dos Equis, a Pollo Loco burrito and pile of rice inside my four apple tall person stomach.

If I achieved one thing all day, it was to prove him wrong.


Glen Evans said...

sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Love those Japanese mini-trucks!!

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