Thursday, June 14

New Post

Sorry.  I just thought it was funny that I clicked on "new post" in order to create a blerhg post about my "new post."

You had to be there.

The things that you think are funny when the chemo coon hound gets you up a half hour earlier than your alarm which is set a half hour earlier than you really want so you can squeeze in more morning junk miles.

Anyways, I won a Fox Factory drooper post in a raffle.  I considered putting in on the JaBronSSon, being that it felt under-drooped in certain scenarios these past few months...

but I couldn't do it.

Knowing that full squish is just a fad and that I'll probably only keep mine for 1-2 years, I don't want any more money or spare parts for this bike.  I already have a box full of Eagle bits, a saddle, grips, etc put aside for the painful moment when I decide to say goodbye.  One can not deny the decline in value of a plastic shifty bike after more than two years.  Five years and you might as well give it away.

So anyways, I decided to put it on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7.

Two things of note:

1. Yeth, I had a Fox Transfer almost two years ago. 

I had some issues with back and forth play (not rotational) that I decided was way too early in the post's life, and after some correspondence and some face-to-face with Fox, I decided to cut my losses and let it go.  After seeing other people's new drooper issues over the past many years, I'm going to always advise people to not jump on the next new drooper offering.  Give it a year (or two).  See how other people fare.  Then buy.

2.  I did have a pretty sweet Thomson on there.  It was running along pretty well... sorta.  I started getting the same kinda fore/after play that I consider unacceptable, but then again, mebbe sorta my fault.  I'd forgotten when this happens that it's probably just the collar coming loose... which shouldn't be happening to begin with.  After the first gen, they put a set screw in there to keep the collar in place.  Unfortunately, I've still had issues.  That and the you-got-me-what-size cone wrench you're supposed to get on those huge flats to tighten the collar.  I just apply some Loctite to the threads and get it was tight as I can with rubber coated channel locks.  Meh.  Also, it's just a 125mm drooper, and at this point in my life, I want all the droop I can get.  I'll keep it around tho.  Nothing wrong with a spare (functioning) drooper.

I'm still trying to sort out my Boost mess issues so I can get some hard tail with a fjork action, but also thinking long term and whether or not I'll get another long(er) travel hard tail single speed thing going and what that's gonna look like being that it's a dump money into outdated stuff situation or throw more money at all new stuff scenario or just crawl under a rock and die inevitable fate.

I'm heading up to WV tomorrow.  Not entirely bike ride related, but I will ride my bike at some point.  Something new this time, not high adventure, but what I have time for while I'm there.  A mini-adventure, if you will.

So, mini-excite.  I guess.

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