Tuesday, June 26

Oh no, Gears are Falling

The new bike that I'm slowly building in my brain will most certainly have some particular parts that I have been wanting to put my fingers on and some I've fingered already.

Ergon SME3 saddle, ESI Racer's Edge graps, TOGS, XTR pedals, and KMC 9 Spd SL chain.  XTR Trail brakes not shown because (long story) they're on my beer fetcher for the time being so I can stop and stuff.  There's also some King Cages on the same rig that will be moved over when I have something to move them over to at some point.  These are all things that make me happy, so no need to waste money on new new.  Oh yeah, there are some new takeoff finned pads from the XTR Trail brakes in the picture that I've been meaning to sell, but... burrito.  Someday, I guess.

But the new new?

This fjork:

I remember Eric McKeegan (now esteemed Dirt Rag editor, then not tho) telling me he's never gonna run anything less than 120mm up front, and I went ahead and bought a 32 Step Cast anyways.  "Pointless," I believe he said.  Although it was the most pleasant experience I've ever had with a 100mm fjork, it was still just 100mm.  It provided "comfort."  That's about it.  I dunno if I felt any faster than when I was on a rigid bike... just not beat to death on long descents.  Ever since I started reading the press releases about the 34 Step Cast coming out, I knew we were meant to be together.

The most recent time that I had the Meatplow V.6 Stickel suspended, I started with a 150mm Pike and dropped it down to 120mm.  IMHOMO, it was very buenos.

The bike I want would be very similar to the Stickel, just more modern and light enough to perhaps do some 50+ battling in 2019.  30.9 or 31.6 internally rooted drooper.  Clearance for a 2.6" rear tire.  Mebbe a little steeper seat tube angle with prolly a slacker head tube angle.  Boost wheels.

Which I don't have... yet.

Of course, I'm gonna get Industry Nine.  I'm too in love with these wheels.  They do what they do, and I like that very much.  Also, I'm sticking with 29" wheels this time.  Without saying one is better at this or that, it will just be nice to only have one size of tires and tubes about the house (not including the tarck bike tubes/tires, but it rarely adds to the inventory dilemma).

I think for the first time since I started riding their system wheels in 2006, I'm not gonna get pink.

I've been goofing in the Industry Nine Ano Lab for the past week, dreaming about not-pink wheels.

Orange to kinda go with my fjork?  Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever says no.  Just no.

Turquoise sure is pretty and would pop pop with the orange bits.

  Lime green makes my pants a little tight as well.

I do realize somma yinz are noticing a certain lack of creativity, being that you can do ANYTHING in the Ano Lab.

But I get the feeling it's all been done before.  Until Industry Nine adds more colors or Chief Engineer Scottie travels back in time and "invents" transparent aluminum, nothing is going to be original.

The most creative thing I could think of was going mebbe orange with some pink...

And then Andy said he did that already (or something like it) so whatever.

All of which would be a good reason to default back to pink... which I always do.

After doing some very adult stuff at the end of 2017, I hope this is the biggest decision I have to make this year.


Anonymous said...

Can't decide if co-opting the title of an unmasked Kiss-as-Hair-Metal song is spectacular or shameful ...

Sticking with the rock theme said...

BACK IN BLACK!! I've heard its the new pink

dougyfresh said...

Definitely 120! Prob don't need a HTA <68. or 67.5?

That reminds me. mebbe I should put my 120 back on? Been enjoying a rigid fjork on my singlespeed the past two years.

Anonymous said...

I really like the 67 HA on my hardtail, 140mm tho...

Rob said...

No more SS hubs from i9 due to boost?

dicky said...


Industry Nine does the SS specific hubs in Boost™.

Vicious Dough,

No slacker than 68°.

Eric McKeegan said...

Stock or custom?

dicky said...




Anonymous said...

Black & pink instead of orange and pink......

ssjohn said...

I vote pink and turquoise!

Glen Evans said...

orange! orange you going to shift never!