Wednesday, July 25

Can't catch a break...

unless it leaves me broke(n).

As much as I swear this will not turn into a running blerhg, here's the quick version of how it's going.

After almost three weeks of limping around after starting up with too much enthusiasm, I started up once again.  A couple miles ran most earnestly, a day off, a careful 5k on Saturday after a morning ride.  As long as I keep this... patient.  Humble.  Meager.

Sunday, I was riding BYT with Bill Nye.  Ten minutes in, I suggested we session something on the Tech Loop.  Something that often stymies me on a 32X18... a couple narrow gaps between boulders, a hard loose left 90° turn uphill into a mess of rocks with a hard right around even more rocks at the top.  I know the lines, the crux points, and the speed I need to get up everything.  I just have a hard time putting it all together.

I'm on my third try when I discover a new impediment.   There's a pretty large boulder before the left hand turn with quite a sharp protuberance hidden in the weeds that's just about ankle high on the left hand side when the pedal is almost at the bottom of its rotation.  I noticed it when I smashed my pinkie toe directly into it.

You know when you're pretty sure you broke something but you just tell yourself you didn't?

Anyways, it was a hell of a smash.  I made it through the rest of the ride with an occasional stabbing pain when I twisted my foot this way or hit a bump that way.  Ignored it the rest of the day, set my alarm early for a run on Monday, woke up, got dressed... made it about five paces.

Some time about 27 hours later.  The colors are coming in nicely.

So that's that.  I don't know if it's broken or not, but unless a toe is hanging off and looking like a curly fry, does anyone even go to the doctor for an X-ray for this kinda thing?

The waiting game begins again until I can re-re-re-start my running thing.  Mebbe tomorrow?

Bike related, the meats for my new behk showed up on Saturday:

All I can say is that I put a lot of thought into what I want this bike to do and what tires fill those needs.  These are the schralpiest tires that I can imagine pedaling up a mountain in order to get down, a very similar tire combo (mebbe the same?) to what was on the Yeti BB 5.5 I rode in Wyoming a few weeks ago.  That Aggressor is one mean back tire, and the Minion DHF is legendary at this point.

For now, I just look at them sitting on the pile of parts in the corner waiting patiently for more parts and a frame to hang them on.

The bike hornies are palpable.


Anonymous said...

New Dicky SS bike, much excite! What frames do you have your eye on?

dicky said...

Behk frame already selected and just waiting for arrival. Internet will know when I get it.

Shredder said...

Just tape that toe to the next one and call it good. Nothing else to do unless it's splintered.

NordieBoy said...

The Aggressor does seem to be a very heavy duty Maxxis version of the Ground Control.
Should be a very good SS rear.