Monday, July 9

Grand Targhee: Part Three (of some)

I woke up on day 2.5 after a day of travel and a day of riding, and then I put my feet on the floor. Standing hurt.  My foot was shit.  Sad.

Once again, I was up way before Snorkel's coffee was available.  Ibuprofen and then a waiting game.

Eventual coffee, breakfast with the others... I'm able to hobble about carefully.  Rumors of a big climb to start the day loom.  Forty five minutes at Enduro™ pace.  The rest of the ride, described as "down country."

Sarah, Alex, Dave, and Dan... joined by Dustin (the guy who referred to the ride as "down country") and manager of the Habitat, Mitch, all headed out of the resort and over to the southeast. 

We spent some time on Andy's Trail before being told that the Andy had built a lot of the trails we'd be riding today. Of those, the one's with musically themed names were thusly because that's what Andy was listening to while he was building them.  It wasn't necessarily an arduous climb, but we definitely earned our way up high.  Thankfully, the trails were built with a very bike-friendly gradient, so at least I didn't have to hike/hobble at all.

There was a no-bikes-allowed trail to a scenic view... of the Grand Tetons.  I don't wanna hike/hobble much, but I will to see this:

We waited until the clouds parted for a full view of all three peaks before getting back to the business of riding our bikes.  Down 38 Special... the trail with like a thousand bermed switchbacks on the way towards the bottom.  I spent most of my time fuddling between two or three different bad cornering techniques I've developed over the years while also going back and forth between Hold On Loosely and Caught Up In You playing in my head.

Then down Rocky Mountain Way to Mill Creek to the shuttle.  A quick drive later, and we were at Forage Bistro and Lounge.  We were all treated to a Buratta Burger, and mebbe I had a two beer lunch... because I could.

When in Rome, be gluttonous.

We hopped back in the shuttle to head out for a quick loop on the Idaho side of things.  Bovine Bliss to Shark's Belly to Bumper-Cody's... and somehow back to the parking lot.  In a nutshell, this ride had all the Idaho.  Open meadows with the wind blowing me over, to brown dirt surfing in the trees, to high grass lined narrow ditch navigating with the occasional aspen tunnels.  It was beautiful and all too short... if I wasn't ready to cut my right foot off already.

Back at the bottom, Mitch had a cooler full of beers, so I was in no hurry to get anywhere.  When we finally left, we headed to Habitat... where there was a fridge full of beer.

"Wanna beer?" ~ Mitch

"Uhhhhhh... duh?"

One beer and then another as we all walked around the shop and ogled until it was time to go two stories up to Tatanka Tavern for beers and pizza.  I'm super stoked because I got to order Ninkasi, but also because I got to meet the Andy.

He regaled a bit with his incredible history of helping with the first MTB race at the Olympics (Conyers) and the Worlds in Vail (right after 9/11).  It was all humble and no brag.  If he hasn't already been profiled in a magazine (and he'd be willing to), he needs to be.  He did seem like one who might shy away from the limelight.

Anyways, we had to call it a night and drive back to the resort.  When we got back, it was all goodbyes and good to meet yous.  We'd all be heading out at different times in the morning, going our separate ways.  I retreated to my room and by self-sabotaged, IPA smelling bed for the night.

For only spending 2.5 days here, I was going to miss these people and this place.  I'm super glad I decided to join in on this one.  Now, my only problem is trying to figure out how I'm gonna get back there.


Skidmark said...

Is this the foot injured while sprinting the poopy puppy down the outside stairs some time ago. And also, how’s the puppy doing?

dicky said...

Same foot, but that was me trying to get blind Sizemore (elderly dog) down the stairs at something like 2:00AM. I still can't bend my big toe downwards.

I think this has to do with overpronation on my right side. I bought some better pronation control shoes... now just to get healthy enough to wear them.