Friday, July 20

Life's been good to me (SO FAR)

When you look at 2018 "SEASON" (SO FAR) over there on the sidebar, you might notice that I've only got a couple things left this year... at least so far.  The (rescheduled due to natural disaster) Pisgah Enduro™ and SSWC '18.  One format that is not my own particular... mmmmmmm... idiom.  Another that is just a shit show party in Bend, OR disguised as a race.   If you consider what I've done thus far, it's easy to see that racing is definitely on the back burner this year.

Not racing as much as usual has opened up a certain amount of opportunities to do other things and see other places.

Just this year, I've been to Sedona...

I got to "race" the Giro duh Ville in an area of Virginia I'd never seen...

photo cred: Nate S.
rode some new trail in Charleston, WV, experienced a whirlwind trip to Grand Targhee...

photo cred: Dave Tolnai 
got to go to another Dirt Rag Dirt Fest...

and I'm still looking forward to a trip to Bend, OR.

That seems like a fair trade, what with giving up on racing glory and whatever benefit that ever brings to one's life.

I'm still on the fence about whether I give the '19 "season" a go or not.  The whole "racing in the 50+ category when I'm as young as I can possibly be" thing... I'm not sure I can convince myself to give 'er, especially given all the fun I've had this year doing less.  That and I realize if I'm gonna do this, I really need to start taking it more seriously as early as Oct-Nov.  Can't be waiting until January to turn this boat around.

All that said, I'm still hoping to mebbe do one or two "race(s)" later this year.  Assuming I can successfully restart the whole running thing, I might actually have some sorta fitness.

Which race(s) tho?  Dunno.


Anonymous said...

Michaux Teaberry

dicky said...

Here I am again in this mean old town, and Michaux is so far away from me.

Adam Blumenthal said...

You're SERIOUSLY thinking about taking up running again?????????
That's nuttier than you buying another geared full suspension rig hahahahaha