Friday, October 26

SSWC '18 Bend: Part Two of Part Three

We stand around drinking beer at Dave's house avoiding the 10+ mile ride back into town long enough that Larry and his not-having-his-helmet-with-him-but-got-lucky-and-borrowed-one ass offers us a ride back to the finest Econolodge in East Bend.  He drops us at our doorstep where we find a couple Canadian (mebbe) members of the Shirtless Club for Men building bikes in the parking lot.

He mighta been from Nova Scotia or Finland and mebbe named Lars but prolly not.

Chit chat and idle conversation and before we know it, the time we thought we'd spend napping before heading out to the Carl's Crawl ride is gone.  We now have time for showering and more microwaved grocery store burritos and that's about it. The Canadian (and the Novfin Scotianland) roll out with us and we get there just in time to be on time which is early at SSWC.

Drink a beer, get a free dope-ass bike light from Giant, and Carl Decker announces a first destination for this bar crawl/urban singletrack assault, Deschutes Brewey.  Bill Nye suggests that instead of joining in on the roundabout ramble, why not just ride directly two blocks over and get in line for beer?

I concur.  We watch the roll out, I think I record it on my phone (I don't), and we get to the brewery a half beer before the others.  Hollywood (who is done serving his USAC ban for weedus) plops down at our table, and I reintroduce myself for the second or third time since 2005.  The next stop is announced and the others start leaving.  Apparently the roundabout ramble is much shorter this time, as Bill Nye and I barely get to Boneyard Beer ahead of the bunch.  Dejay and Jake roll in, nuts are punched, and then thereon in for the rest of the evening, well protected.  The next stop is Abbey Tools, which sounds neat, but is way north, and the final stop is GoodLife Brewing, which is way south... so we just go there to double-beat the crowd.  Those that go to Abbey are awarded with bottle openers... something both Bill Nye and I have a plethora of already.

We made the right call.

We have time for more than a couple beers before the rest roll in, and then bump into the other Hollywood (Jeff)...

and then Fuzzy and his crew get up from their table and leave a bunch of food...

and we proceed to eat it...

and also play with it.

I never leave meat behind.

At some point (probably closing) the idiots that are still out and about head over to the Volcanic Theatre.  Bands are playing, and the cover to get in is $15 tonight.  Dejay mumbles to the cover person... gets motioned to the bar... more mumbling.  I go over to eavesdrop.  Basically, he tells the man in charge that forty thirsty single speeders wanna come in and pay money for lots of alcohol, but we're not here for the band, which means we can go drink somewhere else... or give them all of our money.

We all get in.

So, I'm standing there... it's late.  I'm supposed to be doing some kinda big shuttle thing with Fuzzy and Co. at something like 7:30 AM.  Everyone that's supposed to be on the ride is right there with us.

This is never gonna happen.  Or it is.  But prolly late if it does.

It's SSWC.  Expect nothing.  Get something.  More than likely just leftovers.


jay said...

this sounds like so much fun I almost want a single speed. almost.

Anonymous said...

Don’t do it Jay. Singlespeed freakin ruined my life.