Wednesday, October 31

SSWC '18 Bend: Post Ludes

Bill Nye had done the shorter 20 mile course and was waiting for me at the finish.  He'd been hanging out for a long time, but faced with the option of a long (and not so easy) ride back to town alone, patience had won.  I'd eaten so much during the race that I don't require much sustenance to make the ride back, so a small plate of food stuffs will suffice.  I skip the extremely long beer line, because... time suck.

We find out which way to head towards town, and we're walking up the hill with admitted blerhg reader Matt, whom I'd met earlier that day.

"You guys wanna a lift back to town?"


"We have beer in the van if you want some."

Arm.  Twisted.

As we drove up outta there past the train of sad single speeders on their six mile journey back to Bend, I felt like a wealthy person on a life boat watching my fellow Titanic passengers drown... except I had an ice cold beer to kill the guilty feels.

Matt and his buddies dropped us at the doorstep of the finest Econolodge in east Bend, near the aluminum recycling drop off and thrift shop.  They even gave us a beer to go.  So sweet.

The rest of the day... shambles and tattered memories.

We did clean up and head to the party.  I either took this image of Payson McElveen getting his champ tattoo or I didn't.

Either way, it was on my phone when I woke up the next day. 

Bands and beer and noise and debauching and then Bill Nye ghosts and I'm somehow now attached to Buck who then drags me into a small bar on the way back to the motel where all the dangerous people also somehow magically find themselves...

At some point, I realize that I'm in too deep.  I unlock my bike from Buck's, stick his back further into the pile, and ride home alone.

Bill Nye and I planned on riding on Sunday, but we both wake up with a case of the mehs.  Ride into town, get some Thai food, head back to the room... box up the bikes. 

I've heard that some people don't actually try to kill themselves every day whilst on "vacation."

Monday, airports... share a tiny plane with Shanna...

Layover in Salt Lake City and a family of three doesn't bus their own table and leaves this behind...

I do not.

Thus ends the adventure that was SSWC '18 Bend.


Anonymous said...

“Matt, for the sake of sobriety we really need to get back to reality.” What my friend said the morning we had to depart.
Sad but true. Cheers

Anonymous said...

That fambly prob left those for you on purpose, but figured you were too proud to take a handout so they just left them behind

Anonymous said...

All the dangerous people thought you were dangerous too.

Unknown said...

good times!

better if I had dem gloves....

just kidding!


"nick" said...

Your scavenging skills are top notch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report.
What's the story with Slovenia hosting next year?