Monday, December 31

Great weather... for a fish

Just adding to the bitching choir.  The weather has put a literal damper on my progression and joy.  North Carolina has been setting all kinda records precipitation-wise, and I feel like I'm hitting a breaking point.

I mean, I was so very close to purchasing a Wahoo Bolt the other day, just so I could shame myself into going further on my cross town greenway ramble rides that lack purpose, direction and anything close to a goal.  I feel that if I was staring at a screen that was telling me that my two to three hour jaunt had gone less distance than I cover walking around Trader Joe's on any given Sunday, mebbe I'd stay out there even longer.


I know I could probably get a more road bike like experience on my tarck bike, but I also would have a tougher time assploring the dark places... like a strange access path cut through a gigantic thicket (grove, stand, gaggle?) of bamboo.

And I'd be less tempted to hit this makeshift skate ramp I found in a parking lot... that I can't believe I've ridden by a thousand times and never noticed?

Such a sweet huck to flat into two way traffic at a 90° angle.

Also, it's nice to be able to carry a couple bottles, and I tell myself that spinning a 32X18 on flat pavement is good for my... leg speed?  Dunno.  Better than sitting on the couch watching True Romance again, for sure.

But mebbe that's about it tho.

Once again, I was faced with the option of driving by myself 1.5 - 3 hours round trip by myself to some muddy (but open) trails, but I still have such a hard time justifying my time in a car when there are surfaces I can ride my bike on without such an unhealthy (for my brain), selfish commute.  Besides that, I'm already signed up for all five weekends of Winter Short Track racing, so there's a good chance that I'm gonna get my fill of muddy riding and the associated cleanup/repair/maintenance that follows such activities.

I don't think I've put gas in my car in almost two months.

At least I'm not in the high country right now...

That's Pisgah folks.  Fourteen plus inches of precip this past Friday?  I can hardly fathom it.  Even Spongebob would think that's a little too moist for his tastes.

Locally, people have transitioned from arguing about leaves and their removal (or not) to why we close our trails when they're wet.  As is usually the case, some Northern transplant doesn't understand the concept of temporarily shutting down a trail due to rain.  At least I can sympathize with the guy (instead of attacking him outright and calling him a troglodyte), being that I was probably that guy twenty years ago... assuming there was an internet to bitch on back then.

Let me just add that I even considered dragging The Pie's stationary trainer out of the Murder Room/crawlspace and putting it up somewhere in the sorta-tiny house. 

That idea made it about as far as my Wahoo purchase tho. 

Less than two weeks out from a 43 miles race on almost 100% single track with a billion feet of climbing.


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