Tuesday, January 29

Now what?

I wonder what normal people who race Winter Shart Tarck on Sundays do the rest of the week.  I have a feeling that they drive home, mebbe clean the mud chunks of the bike, pet their dog, and then go back to living a normal life.  Then mebbe on Saturday evening, they remember that they have a short track race in the morning, so they grab some stuff and toss it in a bag... mebbe they even wait until Sunday morning to get everything together.

The horror.

Myself, I'm spending way to much awake time focusing on the series.  Not so much with "training," eating right, or even cutting back on winter blues related consumption.  I just sit and stare into space wondering how, when, or where can  I get faster.

photo cred: Wm Davis
I don't think the last time that I did the whole series, we were given lap times.  This time, all the numbers.

Those are last week's times (mine highlighted).  Being a person who doesn't use a computer or GPS and has an aversion to STRAVA, this is the most data I've ever had since I used to do 24 hour races.  Anyways, some of the variances can be attributed to my inability to produce consistent lap times.  The larger ones, probably due to getting stuck in lapped/slower single speed traffic or mentally giving up a little.  All those seconds add up quickly in a race where I was behind first by less than 43 seconds and ahead of third by almost 12 seconds.  I understand that Mobley's lap times in first place probably indicate that once he had a solid gap, he sat up a little.

Most of my race experiences over the past almost twenty years have been endurance related.  Events where one might wanna focus on the minor details... so I'm used to that kinda obsessing.  Where can I get those seconds back...  It's a sub-40 minute race, so all marginal gains are to be considered.

Seems like a waste of time, but I guess I could be repainting my bathroom a color that looks less like puke or playing online video games or edging my driveway or planning my retirement (all equally attractive options).


Rob Kristoff said...

so... you want data but have a strava aversion? or youre just obsessing because they gave it to you?

dicky said...

The latter.

TJ Morton said...

Puke-colored bathrooms are the next "thing". You should just leave it.