Monday, January 7

Treading Mud

I swear I'm trying...

I know it don't look like much, but it felt like... something.  I went ahead and started STRAVA on my phone so I could guilt myself into staying out longer. than I really wanted to.  Sorry, but it's kinda hard to fake the stoke when you're riding 32 X 18 on a bunch of greenways and sidewalks. 

But if anything, it's a testament to just how much the idea of riding a stationary trainer inside or going for a road ride sounds like the actions of a mad man to me. 

That said, I've had my fill of these rides that would never happen unless the trails were absolutely soaked.  I can't even begin to guess how many miles I've banked on concrete, pavement, and pea gravel over the past five or six weeks?  The wear on the knobs of my rear tire would say "too many."

I did get out to Poohstain Park for a dose of dirt and mebbe some mud surfing with Mills yesterday.  Not so much tryna get some fitness in, but to mebbe have a few "woohoo" moments on the bike to remind me why I have all this money tied up in a toy.  Also, it served to point out a few maintenance issues that I'll need to attend to before next weekend's Whole Enchilada...

Which I'm still not 100% committed to doing.

The course is up to 46 miles now, and you can see the kinda saddle time I'm getting recently.  My participation is pretty weather dependent, and I didn't wanna look at that until the weekend is closer...

But for some odd reason, The Pie shoved it in my face last night... even tho she'll be in Florida next weekend running a marathon... she still looked at our local forecast.  And then she told me... even tho I've told her it's pointless to get to worried about the possibilities this far out...


Now I worry.

Fresh tires, new brake pads (because I'm a moron, mebbe I'll get to that later) and chase down a creaking bit before the weekend and go back to keeping my head in the sand re:weathers.

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