Wednesday, March 27

Get, Get, Get Busy Y'all

This weekend...

The Definitely Not Tour de Charlotte.

Too say that I am excite is an understatement.  Over the past six years, I've been dick-deep helping put on the OG Tour de Charlotte.  Honestly, I was only ankle deep the second or third year, but it was always an event that really brought something different to the Queen City that I was proud to co-promote.

So anyways, one Faster Mustache team member didn't wanna let it die, and he figured out how to bring in some new blood and keep the ship afloat at least one more year.  This year, I get to be one of the semi-clueless entrants that just follows the few people who know where they're going to race multiple stages in unknown places on courses that are who knows how long.  I've only been able to do a few races like this, the last Dirt Rag Punk Bike Enduro and two Wheels to the Farm events down in Atlanta.

I love everything about it.  The adventure, the crowd, spending all day riding all over the place, the confused looks from John and Jane Q Public when 200 cyclists ride by on a random Saturday, and even the short bursts of pain trying to make great bike race.

Oh, and beer.

The men's field is dense with a sold out fifty spots.  Plenty of room in the women's class (GET IN THE BOAT), and loads of party pacers to keep us company and remind all how stupid racing truly is.

In theory, this is the last "race" before the racing that really starts to hurt (not that The Whole Enchilada wasn't truly a kick in the dick) begins.  Real fast-like comes the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek in a week (still not sold out BTW), followed by the Bootlegger 100 (use coupon code INSIDERDOUCHEBAG for 15% off), and PMBAR all in about one month's time.

All leading up to my first stage race of 2019 (yeth, there will be at least one more), the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

Dicky's about to be a busy boy.

A fifty year old boy (racing age) who still doesn't know how to celebrate the ending of my first century on the planet coming up in mid-June might just be too tired to blow out the candles on his novelty sized burrito.


Derron Tanner said...

You mean half-century?

dicky said...

Yeth, that's what I get for a hurry up re-read at 7:20AM.