Wednesday, May 15

Stand By

So, there I was, sitting at work on Monday... not doing much at all.  Then something clicked in my head, and I remembered that in a little over a week, I'm gonna need to stuff all my Trans-Sylvania Epic shit in the back of the Fit of Rage and drive all day long.  It's been two years since the last time I had to do this, remembering all the little things I need to pack...

Anxiety is a hell of a motivator, especially when you're good at it.  Anal compulsion and the fear of not having a key piece of gear and the ensuing meltdown sure to occur.

It only got worse as I made a list that grew and grew and grew and grew and grew...

I should laminate this list, but I won't.

I planned on some overnight bro-bro time in the mountain this weekend, so leaving all the packing until the last minute was a no bueno scenario.

Time to start assembling the piles.

And freaking out just a little bit.

I need to make the most of my after work hours and spend time with family and eat and ride and pack and play and sleep and food gather and beer acquire and dunno?  Mebbe go over my bike (again)?

I'll be busy getting ready for this weekend and next week, so lower your expectations for quality content here to rock bottom, and everyone should be okay until I get back from PA in a couple weeks.

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eric said...

I fully expect daily (quality) vlog's like Werner did for Pisgah Stage Race