Friday, June 28

Being stupid sucks

Stopped at Bike Source on the way home last night to pick up some things that showed up just in time for that race next week that we're not supposed to talk about.  Items scooped and sidewalk surfing through the urban maelstrom between me and mine home, I went around the front of a car waiting to go right, through the crosswalk, and on to the sidewalk...

when my front wheel went just over the side of the concrete and into the finely hewn edge of the landscaping.

Slow motion but probably less than a second passes.

The bike goes over, left side of my handlebar plants itself on the sidewalk, and then the right side plants itself in my rib cage as most of my weight comes down unexpectedly.  I spring right back up in the normal "walk it off" style, but immediately discover that I can't.  I can't breathe and everything feels green.

I sit down in the grass and give myself a once over.


I'm not feeling good at all.

Wait a few minutes, get up, hands shaking... start walking with my bike. Get most of the way home, mount up, roll the final quarter mile to my house.  Go in, head straight to the bedroom, shoo the dogs away from our normal evening greetings.

The Pie follows me into the bedroom moments later.

Meh.  I have to tell her.

So, between labored short breaths, I explain it as best as I can.  Tell her I'll just take it easy and see how it goes.  Shower, crouching down to reach my stinky feet with a loofa.  Get some assistance drying off.  Try to get comfortable on the couch.  Fail.  Go the bedroom.  Also a fail.

Something might actually be wrong with my insides.

The Pie suggests going to the urgent care, and I can see that the nurse in her thinks it's a good idea. 

Shit.  Not my MO in most medical situations, but I'm looking down blankly into my belly button wondering what's going on inside my body part.

Urgent care.  Good news.  No internal organs are sad.  X-rays.  Nothing broken.  I think I got lucky and took the brunt of the bars into my lower ribs, the ones not connected to the sternum.  I really pissed off my intercostal spaces, but otherwise... okay?

Ice, ibuprofen and beer.

I was ready to call off today, but I decided to just ride my mountain bike to work and see how it goes.  Pretty much my whole left side hurts, from my shoulder, down my back, around the side, and stopping somewhere around my chest.  At least the mountain bike has brakes, an upright seated position, and a drooper for easy on/off.   Not my first rodeo.

So anyhoo...

I'm being sorta realistic here.  Next week is pretty unsure, being that these things usually take time and some rest to heal.

Stupid accidents are what they are.  Last week, I was coming down Trace Ridge at mach chicken feeling great, and then this temporarily takes me out of the game.


Hoping for the best over the next couple days...


Anonymous said...

Heal up soon!!

TJ Morton said...

Dang! I hope your innards and ribses feel better soon!

Rob said...

Glad to hear you didnt spear any internals. the rest will heal, pass, or work itself out.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you tried to add a third nipple. Jacked up ribs suck ass through a straw. Hope you feel better soon.