Thursday, July 18

I work in an oven

With the daily heat index hovering in the low 100s this week, I find myself daydreaming about the Breck Epic constantly.  I'm looking forward to waking up uncomfortably early, although with the time difference, it takes a few days for it to really feel "early."  I can't wait to layer up to ride over to the aid bag drop off point, breathing in the crisp, dry air... well, gasping actually.  Head back to the condo, put on my racing panties, and line up at the start shivering and looking for some sunshine to stand in to keep warm'ish.

Oh, and then ride in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Yeth, I've fallen into the habit of taking every other year of the Breck Epic off in order to make room on the calendar for a different trip somewhere else.  I already figured I'd be back in 2019, but when I got this in the mail sooooo many months ago, I felt like it was my duty to return.

I had one of the best times in 2017 after I was able to convince Jeremy to join me on my beer per aid station bike cruise around Breckenridge.

I mean, I think the only day I was actually "racing" at the Breck Epic EVER woulda been the very first year, and for all about ten minutes. That's how long it took me to figure out that I was gonna be a failure at altitude. Being a tiny person, I had hoped that my climbing ability (and semi-decent descending skills) woulda made me competitive, but starting right up outta Carter Park and up the side of the mountain?

Ten minutes is an exaggeration.  I would say my racing was over in the time it took me to make it to the first banked turn.  So more like thirty seconds.

I don't tend to get "excite" about many events weeks out like I do this race.  The trails, the people, the weather (even when it hails and hypothermia comes into play mebbe), the total escape from anything close to reality...

I might even forget about the possibly expanding crack in my living room floor for a few days.

I seriously doubt that my 50+ Duo Male partner will be too into the idea of a beer per aid station, but I also don't think Chris would slap one outta my hands if I went that direction.  I have to admit that being there are so few teams in the 50+ class, we have a slight chance of being on the podium.  There's an even mix of lowlanders and mountain folk, so who knows?

Podiums, schmodiums.

I just wanna ride bikes and make frands.

Mebbe see some nice people get married on top of a mountain...


Michael said...

And that "first banked turn" was going straight up and out of Carter Park, not something one typically rails... It is an amazing "race".

glen said...

have fun...