Wednesday, August 28

Make great bike race, not great war

So, yeah.  I'm racing this weekend.

I'm not totally convinced on my logic here.  Basically, the race I signed up for in June (The Greenway Classic) was rescheduled due to weather until December, and everyone was given the option to transfer to the Tree Shaker.  I was thinking mebbe I'd have some residual fitness from Breck Epic.  I didn't feel up to making the long drive to the SM 100 less than one week before an extended trip to watch the Snowshoe UCI World Cup race a few days later. 

So I picked this.

I haven't done a solo lap race in a very long time.  I'd grown to dislike the format.  It's sorta like tryna eat a whole box of Twinkies in one sitting.  It seems like a great idea at first, I mean, who doesn't like Twinkies?  Obviously, the only thing better than one Twinkie is ten, right?


Probably somewhere between one and ten, to be determined by the individual and not some outside entity.

I'm now committed to ride six hours of a thing that I will probably stop enjoying after about three hours of a thing.  Because... racing?  Burrito?


Not for nothing, but I signed up for the race on Monday, despite injuring myself in a strange pot metal door hardware failure-related accident Sunday.  While trying to quietly close (The Pie was napping) the reluctant side door to head out for a greenway spin, the half-assed pull handle snapped off in my hand sending me ass-backwards across the screened-in porch.  I landed elbow into the cheese grater door, right hand in the door jam.  Now I'm old people sore all over and my lowest pinkie knuckle is angry at me.  I can't even brush my teeth without holding my pissed off digit out like it's tea time.


bike race coming and keep my head down posting stuff because I'll be heading to the World Cup in a week.

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Rob said...

I hurt the same pinky knuckle earlier this year! At least mine was riding, but you were headed on a ride, so that should count. Yes, it's quite irritating.