Thursday, September 26

Greensboro is Good and also Well.

Leaving work at 4:00 PM tomorrow and jumping on I 85 with all the other people who drive cars on highways heading out of Charlotte for the weekend (93% of the Queen City's population) careening towards Greensboro.  My direct destination will be Revolution Cycles, or as I like to think of it, the place where Watts makes cold beer fill my pint glass over and over and over.

How great of an idea is it that there's a number plate pick up social extravaganza the night before the race? 

How can this not play in my absolute favor, especially after forgoing my usual suppering time for a two hour drive in (possible) NASCAR related traffic?

Anyways, we all know Watts does a great job supervising my brain part and keeping me out of any potential trouble the night before I need to be capable of athletic exertion of some sort.


What could go wrongly?

I signed up for the JA King and Queen of the Watershed knowing very little about it.  We park somewhere, hop in a bus, get out, ride... race... repeat as often as necessary?

Finish elsewhere.

I've been trying to figure out how to get this on my phone or that stupid Wahoo thing I bought (that will be sold after I do these next three races), but I'm at a loss:

Stagger, stagger, stagger, crawl, crawl...

I'm as good at maps as I am literary categories at trivia night.

Also, new information that came in the pre-race email... each race segment is basically an individual time trial.  No silly multiple head-to-head mass starts a la The Tour duh Charlotte.  I'll just ride until my eyes bleed and hold on to my not-quite-flat-brim-approved 780mm bars riding on unfamiliar trails for some amount of distance five times over.  Enjoy the direct afternoon sun and low 90° temps at a party pace in between.

I have no expectations of glory.  There are so many clean living, short sock wearing, single speed athletes in the Piedmont Triad area that I'm sure to be crushed.  It doesn't help matters that they also know the trails 100 X better than me.  I'm going to try and negotiate a Friday night beer time bonus, but I'm not sure how that's gonna go over with the promoter.

Speaking of the promoter, "every dime of your registration will directly fund mountain biking trails."

That's nice.  E'ryone can put their lycra-clad racer boi hate on the shelf for a brief period of time and recognize.  We'll be racing and doing good (good like Superman does, not well).

Sorry. Good/well is one of my podcast pet peeves, along with front fork and dampening.

Safe to assume that I'll be back on Monday with a full race report... or the beginnings of a multi-chapter tale... or a well constructed preamble with poor follow through.

You'll get what you pay for and no more.

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