Thursday, February 20

Shart tarck is ded, long live shart tarck

I can't believe it's over.  Again.

photo cred: Supercycling
This was the strangest of years. We usually have to contend with some kinda weather. The conditions were pretty darn near perfect every weekend. I never cleaned my bike the whole time, which is unheard of. I'd planned on swapping my almost worn out (but not quite) chain, replacing brake pads and overhauling some moving bits when it was all said and done, but now?


It is now time to get the ridiculous 16 tooth cog off the bike, as well as the not ready for prime time but totally shart tarck appropriate rubber meats.

What's on my radar now?

Other than avoiding every bit of news regarding whatever new e-bike is being released, I'm looking forward to The Whole Enchilada (rescheduled) coming up in one month.  Four weeks between now and then for me to either build and capitalize on shart tarck fitness or let it waste away.  Hard to get overly stoked about extra bike time this morning, what with days like today just happening here:

I'm aware that others are dealing with shit weather.  I swear, you get my sympathy.  I just have a strong desire to get out on some local dirt this weekend and not find myself on yet another greenway ramble.  I live a half mile from one of the areas best trail systems in Charlotte... and I can't honestly remember the last time I got to ride any of it.

Despite all the whining, this is my favorite time of the year.  The weather starts getting more favorable, the days get longer, the opportunities to hang out with my extended bike family get closer, the amount of time I spend trying to figure out what to wear to work decreases, and I shed me reclusive tendencies faster than an e-mountain bike rider loses their soul.

Obviously (or not), I kid.  So many people have such a strong stance on e-bikes (mountain not functional work horses) one way or the other, and I'm just a kid standing in the corner with my finger in my nose.  While I know that it's not something the current me wants in my life, I can see why some love them as much as others hate them.  Who gets to determine when in the timeline of mountain bikes going from rigid single speed beach cruisers to the where-we-are-now just when they became motorcycles?  In our current political climate, I really hate slippery slope arguments, but I don't think there's any denying that there are some blurred lines in the debate of how much "e" is too much "e" for our trails and our future trail access.

So I cling to my single speed(s) and hope for the best.  My fifty years on this planet have taught me that the world is just one constant stream of putrid vomit straight out of Pandora's box, and it ain't never gonna stop... so in the words of the great one..
or not. I'd like to think Ronnie believes in choice.

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