Monday, February 10

Winter Shart Tarck... pre-mumbles

More for the lack of opportunity and less bad decision making, I didn't manage to do a whole lot to hamstring my efforts for a Sunday Shart Tarck performance.  It did dawn on me early last week that if I'm no longer doing the traction-challenging A-line climb, there was no reason to keep the big meats on last week, especially when I'm trying to take advantage of the 32 X 16...

So, more of this:

Woah, let me walk things back just a bit.

Member how I mentioned last week that I'd been keeping track of all my miles with the intention being that I'd finally know what kinda miles/time/etc I'm getting in my legs? 

I member.

Well, I stopped doing it two days after that blerhg post.

I was pulling my Wahoo outta my fanny pack and moving it over to my messenger bag for a day of work, once again seeing the 6.4 mile commute on the readout.  It rarely varies much from that number.  Mebbe a 6.5, or a 6.6, mebbe a 6.7... but pretty much the same thing every day.  I will be adding some bonus junk miles once the time change/daylight scenario works to my happies, but even then, tracking will be just about as pointless.  So, I'm a bit bummed about not having some kinda numbers at the end of the year to look at and think on, but that's about it. 

Back to the other stuff.

Wednesday, swap my tires over to the skinny fast meats.  Weather conditions are looking good for Sunday.

Thursday, see the hardest rain in uptown Charlotte that I've ever witnessed.   Windows in the big buildings were vibrating, the visibility was zero, rain not so much "falling" but existing in the air in a swirling stream of hate.  The first time that I've ever looked outside and thought that if I got a run to do, I'd just hold on to it for... as long as it would take to not be dangerous?

Friday... sleet?  Sleet?  Whatever.

Saturday.  At least the weather was supposed to hold off long enough to get a greenway ramble in for some happy outdoor time.

Dr Mike texts me.

"Weather app says snow."

"It's not gonna snow."

*looks out window... it's snowing*

"We won't die."

We ride down to the south end of the greenway, and there's no way you can tell me a tornado did not roll through on Thursday.  A swath of giant trees down smooshing a bunch of giant houses.  Cotton lower garments are not the most brilliant idea, soaking through rather quickly.  Dr Mike takes a fall on the slick mud that randomly covered the greenway in places I've never seen mud before.  North and on to Birdsong Brewing and then back home.

I was right.  We didn't die.  Being outside was better than being inside, but only by a narrow margin.  Also, there was no way this minimal effort could affect my Shart Tarck performance, although Dr Mike took a pretty hard hit to the calf with the rear rack on his hoopty... so if he had a blerhg, he'd have his blerhgable excuse ready.

But me?

I should be ready.

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