Monday, February 17

Winter Shart Tarck... pre-rumbles

Another weekend.  Another Saturday of a whole lotta closed trails in the Charlotte area on a Saturday.  What's new?  Of course, shart tarck on Sunday.

Going into the last race, the writing was on the wall.  I was sitting in sixth place in the overall.  The only way to move up is to beat Jamie and tie him point-wise... but winning the last race would be the tie breaker.  All he has to do is beat me, and he stays in fifth.

The plan was to be a good boy on Saturday.


I found out on Thursday that the Bike Source shop party was Saturday night, and that morning?  The Hincapie team was having a yard sale... at a brewery.

Dr Mike and I decided to do what we do.

Greenway ramble.

A mellow pace out to the south end, which will eventually be even more souther... soon?  I hope.  I plan on getting my early morning junk miles going in a month or so.

Back up to the north, cut into a neighborhood, see a group of urban adventure riders up ahead, figure they're going the same place we are... based on nothing.  Roll up to their back wheels at the South Blvd light.  I tell Dr Mike we'll need to get around them on the narrow bike lane on Old Pineville Rd.

We pull up alongside the group, look over...

Of course I see familiar faces.  Jerry, Jack, Togie, Tina and a few others.  Togie ups the pace at the front, and the next thing you know, Dr Mike and I on our impractically geared town bikes are getting worked.  I had no plans to do anything hard today, but here we are.  Sweating, breathing hard... on a group ride by accident?

Finally, they peel away to go their own way.  We go on ours to the Unknown Brewery.  Long sleeve Merino wool base layer for $45?  Yes, please.  Beer?  Also yes, please.

Over to Birdsong for a couple more and then home with almost thirty miles in the legs.  Just enough time left to rest up for the ride over to the party... which is yet another greenway ramble to a neighborhood... stay till about 10:30, which is old man late when "performance" is on the brain.  Nia's awake when I get home, Ramen noodles on the couch and Saturday Night Live until midnight, because how much worse can things get now?

Did I mention that my heat died at the house on Friday and we had a small family matter to contend with just to make things more interesting?

Well, I just did.

Sunday, wake up in a cold house.  Pack the bag one last time for the final shart tarck of 2020.

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NordieBoy said...

The best laid plans of mice and dicks.