Wednesday, December 31


It's the last blog post of the year, and I wasn't even ready for it. I spent so much time yammering about how great my sponsors are and how great my life is that I never got around to doing the typical bike blog end of the year wrap up. No end of the season Reader's Digest look back, no MTV Greatest Hits of 2008, no easy to swallow capsule sized nugget of knowledge that summarizes my last 8,736 hours of existence??? Sad, very sad.... I guess if you have time you could just start reading the old blog starting here and stop here... that should cover everything. I'll warn you though, 2008 started with this:

and it didn't get any better from that point on. My advice? Do as Frankie says, "Relax, don't do it."

Where did all that extra blogging time go? Maybe I wasted too much time going back and forth with Peter. Now that he's lost his shot at being part of Bad Idea Racing I think he has a bigger goal in mind.

Yes Peter, wah, wah, wah... close but no cigar. No amount of veiled belly aching is going to get me to leave my comfortable roost and position of power I have at MOOTStopia. Although most of what he had to say yesterday (at least the parts he didn't make up) was true, I have to admit that once I figured out that I needed to loosen my grip it no longer hurts when I have to pee. Hold on loosely, but don't let go...

So Peter, maybe 2009 will be better for you? Maybe you can get some Southern Bumpkin racing team together that has the ability to at least find a race venue in their drunken stupor and maybe even get across the finish line before I'm putting on my podium hat? Maybe you'll spend more time sobbing as you improperly pack more boxes bound to rubes all over the globe. Don't cry Peter. I spilled your milk, get over it.

One good thing came of all this recent whining. Peter took the time to redesign the MOOTSlogo to reflect the way forward for 2009.

Admit it, you want a MOOTS right now so badly that you're sitting in front of your monitor drooling and chanting "MOOTS, MOOTS, MOOTS". I just make everything look good.

Wait a second... I just figured out there's a world going on outside of mine.

In big news...

The dates for SSWC09 have been changed. If you were to listen too much to what Big Worm has to say you would think that Trek is behind the date change, and that there is obvious corporate mischief behind this decision. Jacquie Phelan took over Worm's brain over borrowed beers in California and filled his mind with terrifying images of a great and powerful Trek Transformer that is destined to take over the world and force everyone to ride inferior 26" wheels.

Anyways, the dates for the scheduled Trek Armageddon are now September 16-20th. Also take note that the registration crap starts on January 4th (that's this Sunday for the calenderically challenged). For all you losers that didn't get a spoke card... get out your crayons bitches.

Good lord... Mike Cushionbury remembered that he had a blog again, well that or he wants to jump up a rung on my sidebar. Who knows? He goes for a ride with my best friend, and I don't even get a phone call? I might have to make a new category on my sidebar just for him; Shitty people who don't call me when they're going for a ride in Pennsylvania.

Where's my name? I really thought this was going to be my big year...

Well shit... I guess maybe next year I'll talk about last year, or maybe I'll just skip talking about last year and next year and I'll begin talking about my plans for 2010. Will Smacktalkapalooza return? Will there be a run of Crocodickle jerseys for you to buy? Will Fjear remain the constant driving force that keeps evil in check this year?

Check back next year (how 'bout Monday?) and find out.


Anonymous said...

Wherever someones struggling for a place to stand,
For a decent job or a helping hand.
Wherever someones struggling to be free,
Look in their eyes Ma, you'll see me.
The Ballad of MisfitPsycles
Proud to be almost nearly a sponsor of the Mega-Dick Racing Team...

Wookie said...

Dicky, Im SO SO SO HAPPY that youre with MOOTS!!! I sold them for years out here, and have come to enjoy conversations and have the utmost respect for Jon Carivou there!!! Tell him I said hello if you talk to him. GREAT GREAT BIKES!! If I could, my entire arsenal would consist of MOOTS frames. You WILL NEVER EVER NEED ANYTHING ELSE!!!!

Anonymous said...


You fell pretty hard for Moots- Already got them under the "Awesome Stuff" side bar without the Dicky Semi-Approval?

Hope it works out for you..It will make for a good story either way!

allan said...

ever checked out if your into live shows and don't mind spending the moola it's got some good stuff.

Arleigh Jenkins said...

Get back on the horse and blog

dicky said...

Sorry Arleigh.
My horse is very high, and I'm having a hard time getting back on.

Vacation ends Monday.

Anonymous said...

I bet Kent Ericksen (builder/designer of Moots) bikes are the cool Moots to have, eh?
He sold the brand about five years ago to Chris Miller (elementry school class mate who probably governs mass piles of money here & there on the gameboard), and probably does not get to use his quirky brand name anymore.

As for the Drek armageddon, why even dignify that monolith with its name spelt right?