Monday, January 5

The end of the four day weekends...

First things first.

I've been tossing around the idea of doing a 2009 Bad Idea Racing jersey. I think I sold around 40-50 jerseys in 2008, and that was with my ridiculously short two week ordering window. I pushed hard to get them ready before summer was over, but if I did it again I'm getting an early start so I don't get so many people bitching to me about missing out.

Last time the jerseys were certainly meant to be entertaining. I would not do another jersey for 2009 unless it met the same expectations. There would have to be some pink, Fjear, skulls, and other sundrious tomfoolery. It would definitely be sleeveless (as a jersey should be), and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna commit to full zip this time around. The price will probably be in the $70+ range, and I would even ship international again, even though the art collectors of Canada cut into my profit margin when they horked one of my jerseys at the border.


I was gonna post a poll on my sidebar (an option on this snazzy blogspot thing), but I'm gonna make you invest some time here in the comments. Leave a comment if you think you want in on this. Leave a comment if you think the jerseys should be made with spun gold... whatever. If I get enough interest to make it worthwhile again I'll go for it. Last year the proceeds helped me finish out the 2008 "season" with the Month of Mayhem and all the travel involved. I assure you that if you buy a jersey I will piss away the profits on cheap beer in many states. I would love to get the CROCODICKLE logo in there, but I'll have to see what MOOTS has to say about that.

So yeah... Leave a comment if you wanna be part of the 2009 "jerseys for beers" movement (after you read the rest of the post). If you wanna be more personal go ahead and email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com.

Yes, there will probably still be a chip on my shoulder in 2009.

Yesterday was the annual Festivus ride in the mountains. I woke up to thunder at 4:00am pretty sure we were fricked. When I got outta bed it was still pouring outside, but the doppler said we had a 50/50 chance at happiness. Big Worm and Stabby woke to the same conditions, but didn't flinch and met me at my house before 6:30am. We met up with Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever and Mike Brown for some short and sweet action on Heartbreak Ridge. No rain, nice temps, and nobody got hurt. Festivus.

To answer the obvious questions, yes I was faster on a squishy coming down Heartbreak, and yes I hated it. It was comfortable, but not the way I wanna ride whatsoever. Oddly enough I have found the fork much less annoying on local trails where the speeds are 10-15 MPH, the roots plentiful, and the pedaling constant. Funny thing about it was that I was thinking about MAYBE running a squishy fork at this year's ORAMM (which goes down Heartbreak), but unless I'm suffering from some wrist problems I hope I never have to ride that pogo stick of a fork down that mountain ever again.

Even though I had a spoke card I followed directions....

It just seemed like a good thing to do with my four year degree in art education (that took five years to acquire).

Get yours in today losers.


Guitar Ted said...

Okay Dicky, Here's what I would request..

#1: Get a jersey with better wicking fabric than the last one. I think they must have used the Hefty Garbage Bag Labs for their fabric selection because I've never been encased in more sweat since my t-shirt wearin' days off road.

#2: Full Zip: This isn't a deal maker/breaker for me. It really doesn't matter because there is no way I'm flyin' my gut out there in the breeze for everyone to see. Modesty? Nah! Just tryin' to be concious of my fellow mtb'ers eyes and minds.

#3: I imagine it has to have some pink in it. So if that's the case, go full on 70's punk rock with the pink and green. None of this blah grey/black stuff. Besides the Moots dude is green, and I'm sure he'd approve.

That's it for my suggestions.

Advocat said...

I'm with Guitar Ted. If yer gonna go pink, go all the way. (Think the Diva's "Ride Like A Girl" T-shirts. I still want me one of those.) Its not like your spokes and bottle cage present a gangsta, skull and crossbones kind of image ya know. Pfjear (or whatever it is) comes from within.

70 bills after last summer's fleecing may be tough. But if priority will be about the beer, well, maybe.

Brandon said...

Wishing I had been in last year, I DEFINITELY want in this go'round! The plus side I am not team affiliated this year so I plan to wear whatever the truck I want to! My one and only goal for 2009 is to
"KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THE CASCADE CREAM PUFF 100"!!!! (instead of it kicking the shit out of me like the last two years!!!)

Happy New Year,


Wicki said...

this has nothing to do with jerseys. I have become eh em, "regular" with my blog. I was one of the first to update your link in my sidebar. I even changed my format so it's more appealing to the eye, and am writing about really uninteresting, time consuming crap.
What else do you want me to do to move up in the ranks??? I am unduly suffering the low life- I can only go lower if I quit riding and take up full time beer drinking instead.

dicky said...

Squeaky wheel + Grease = Happy Wicki

GrumpyOne said...

Isn't Festivus celebrated on Dec. 23rd?

Nothing to add about the jersey, other then I want in on this years. I just missed out on the 2008 version. (After reading GT's comments about the Hefty Bag, maybe I'm glad I missed out.)


Anonymous said...

Same deal as last time if you like, Dicko. I'll do the art as long as I can splurge my wretched icon on it.

There's a local company doing custom jerseys and the quality is even better than the Champ stuff....not to mention the exchange rate is well in your favour. Fairly low mins, too. Drop me an email.

Anonymous said...

Got a great idea for a jersey. I'm sure you have probably heard that before. But I have had this idea for a while but have gotten too lazy to put it together and hope maybe someone else would. The front of the jersey would be a fist with a mullet and tattoos on the wrist and knuckles. As far as the text, some local guys always call each other rutters if your a badass, classless guy. So just thought i'd share the idea. I'd be down for an 09 jersey regardless of your design.

Anonymous said...

Put my name on the list

dougyfresh said...

mmmmm. Heartbreak. We did that on the 1st. Missed you out there.

I'm in for the goods

Anonymous said...

i want a jersey only if it includes shrimp somewhere on it....... you do that i'm in.

g-bob said...

sure i want one ,fullzip, no sleeves, hell yes.

Anonymous said...

jer·sey (jûrz) KEY

pl. jer·seys

A soft, plain-knitted fabric used for clothing.
A garment made of this fabric.
A close-fitting knitted pullover shirt, jacket, or sweater.
often Jersey Any of a breed of fawn-colored dairy cattle developed on the island of Jersey and producing milk that is rich in butterfat.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on the jersey colors: Once you go pink, you never go back. If you go full pink, you will force me to try harder to not get dropped on a group ride. Nothing like mailing it in on a group ride in a pink jersey. Put some black in it and I wont feel so bad.

The price: Ouch. Last time I paid over $70 for a bike related product was for a derailleur.
Please tell me you're drinking only the finest like Mickeys Big Mouth or Black Label.

Doesnt matter, count me in. You've made me laugh more times than I can count.