Monday, April 20

Blogcott Day One

For more info on the blogcott see here.

The "Sorry it's been so long since I've posted" post:

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted on the old blog, but there's just not that much going on. I haven't ridden my bike in a long time. As a matter of fact I'm not even sure where I left it. I might have sold it to buy this really cool iMac computer so I can surf the web and look for tight jeans and a new ottoman online while I sip down my machichiatto lafte expremo at Starbucks (where I get free Wifi with my $7 coffee-like drink... righteous!!!!).

I haven't really done anything interesting in awhile that's worthy of note. Sometimes I wonder when it will be possible to Tivo life so I don't have to wait for the good parts. Why did I bother posting today???

Oh yeah, I got this really cool new iMac.

This type of post can always go the other way....

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted on the old blog, but I've just been so busy lately. Stuff at work, stuff at home, stuff on top of my stuff. I've been trying to wade through all the stuff I have to do, but just look at all the shit on my desk:

Yes, that's actual shit on my desk. Not only do I have to clean it up I also need to find out exactly who or what has been shitting on my desk. Gah, that's just one more thing to put on my list of things to do, which means it may be awhile before I get around to posting again. Sorry, I'm sure you are going to be disappointed without the daily (or at least semi-daily... or quite possibly bi weekly... well when ever I remember I have a blog) verbiage and the loosely associated random photo.

Remember, this is all for fun.. and... er... ummm.. charity. Yeah, that's right, charity. All the proceeds from this week will go to my favorite charity, so thicken your skins and put on your hip waders. Four more days to go.

Big Worm has joined in too.


Karlos said...

That's a lot of shit!

Grant said...

Best post ever! I for one really appreciate the candid look inside your day to day existence. A look free of all the pretense and bravado...unadorned with sleeveless jerseys and testosterone laced tales of "bad ideas".

These next few days are like your very own Tea Party...groundbreaking stuff. I bet Peetuh has been up all night trying to come up with a way to match this...probably fueled by cheap whiskey and cheese curds.

Yep, way better. Sorry bout the shit...I could not help myself.

Unknown said...

Hello sir Dicky,
why no moots stem on your steed?

dicky said...

Boy TimmyD, that's way off topic, but since you asked I'll answer.

MOOTS doesn't make a 50mm, nor do they desire to make a 50mm stem. I think they have a hard time squeezing the MOOTSlogo on a stem shorter than 90mm.

Anonymous said...

Fewer than 50 words please.

Luis G. said...

This post is as long as my longest post...

cornfed said...

I always pictured flaming poo. Flames make everything faster and you always said you were faster than shit. That shit doesn't look very fast. I think I've been pooped, er duped.

Anonymous said...

"All the proceeds from this week will go to my favorite charity, so thicken your skins and put on your hip waders. "

-- sounds like you are hanging around with the bankers again!

Now I lay my shit down on your desk
It has a stink that I lay to rest
Should it stick to your pancakes
Just don't sit there bake a cake.
God bless big shits.

KB said...

so you are actually picking on specific bloggers with your blogcotts?! i hope no one gets their feelers hurt. were you at the charleston crit this past weekend?

dicky said...


Missed the crit by one week.