Monday, April 12

Ou teleme ashte youmbuguy.

Translation from Haitian Creole:

You would like to buy something.

Let's get straight to the point...

or not.

The reason I decided to wait until today to start the pre-sale of the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys was a matter of timing. This might sound a little too hinky, but here goes nothing. Today is the second anniversary of my father's death.

Robert Dillen

Twin Six has designed a small tribute to my dad into the jersey, something I've been wanting to do if we ever did a project together.

The Boy (now eighteen and out on his own) used to call my dad "Grandpa Dindin". Coincidentally it was just last week when I turned my blog over to The Pie so she could post a call for help to assist James Dindin and his family in Haiti.

To borrow a non-word from Big Worm, syncro.

What does any of this have to do with anything, especially the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys? The original idea behind selling the sweetest jerseys in the world was to help finance my 2010 racing "season". While I will be using some of the proceeds for racing I have asked Brent and Ryan if it would be possible to take 10% outta my end of the profits from the pre-sale and send them to Haiti to help James rebuild his family's house. They were more than happy to acquiesce my request, and not only that, they have offered to match my contribution as well. Happy day. Buy a jersey, help out someone in Haiti directly, and know it will make a difference.

A message from James Dindin to The Pie:

Thank you very much Kim, I really appreciate that very much, and I want you to please tell your husband thank you so much for all your help. It means a lot to my family that they will have a new home soon. I pray that God bless you both and that He will continue to bless you all of you.

thanks again

Now, about the jerseys.

Twin Six has a pre-sale set up so you can put your money down and be sure to get them as soon as they are available in 4-5 weeks. If there are any left after the pre-sale they will be available for order just like any other jersey they offer until the supply is diminished to zero. There will be sleeved and sleeveless versions, but if you want sleeveless you best get busy ordering one now. Both versions are a limited edition, and the sleeveless are even more limiteder. Both versions are full zip, made in the US and A, and sewn with atomically charged thread (not really).

I'm being pretty serious about the limited nature of this jersey. There is a chance they will sell out during the week of the pre-sale (from 12:00am Monday the 12th to 12:00am Tuesday the 19th). When these are gone they are not making more. You will need to set up an account to look at the T6 Dark collection (where my jersey is). It's as easy as entering your email and a password, clicking on a confirmation in your email, and you're in. Capiche?

What do they look like? I thought you'd never ask.

This would be the front of the jersey. If you were wearing one this is what you would see if you looked in the mirror except it would be reversed like this:

This is what you would see if you were looking at Mike Piazza while he was wearing the jersey:

This is the back of the jersey:

This is what other riders will see while they try (and fail) to suck your wheel.

This is what other riders will see while they try to suck your wheel if you wanted a sleeveless jersey, but waited too long to place your order, so you had settle for the DIY version:

Place your order in a more timely manner and it will look more like this:

Click, buy, wait, wear.

So in review, to place an order:

Click on this link to enter the T6 Dark page

Enter your email and a password (They WILL NOT litter your email with junk mail)

Click the confirmation link you will receive almost instantly in your inbox

Order away! Click here for sleeveless and here for sleeves.

Any questions?


Luis G. said...

Will it be ironic to wear this and the 29nSingle while riding a geared bike?

Jason said...

Wow! They did an AMAZING job. You should be rightfully stoked!

dicky said...

Ironic jerseys are the new moustache.

Blair said...

Will I be even more ironicer wearing one on my dirtbike?

Just saw Kim's post.... acted appropriately for once.

WV: aness (your blog really doesn't like me)

mike29er said...

Ordered one.....I want to be fast like Dicky......I can start practicing to be his stunt double...or at least look him to confuse the other racer....they'll thinking, "WOW"!.. I just passed Dicky, He must not be having a BAD day, and "Dicky must be getting taller", ...
Rich, good job on helping the family in Haiti.

TheMutt said...

What a sweet jersey. Nice, nice, nice.

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

GrumpyOne said...

Very Cool. I'm not missing out this time around and helping a good cause is always bonus.

Peter Keiller said...

you said a tank. a fucking tank.
you wanted a tank. you promised me a tank.
and don't get me started on the pink accents.

this is NOT the jersey i wasn't going to buy.

dicky said...

We're saving the tank theme for the pink fringed riding scarves... coming your way Fall 2010.

cornfed said...

Peter, had you not voice mailed me we could be collaborating on the 2010&1/2 Thad Idea jersey. Just in time for PMBAR.

But no. Voicemailer.

wv: cronj

Riding with dogs said...

sweet design! The T6 boys really came through as usual.

Cali-Steve said...

Nice Jersey! Good to you Dicky for giving to James.

RIP Robert.

Namrita O'Dea said...

Wow, I really like it. I want one!

Josh said...

Dude, long time reader first time reply-er. Sweet jersey. I just ordered a sleeveless one to show off my arm fat when I come in last. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Sweeeeet! Got it.

Anonymous said...

Dicky, nice jersey. I'll be scraping some cash together...

RIP Mr Dillen.

March 31st was 30 years (yes 30) since my dad doesn't get easier, sorry...