Thursday, July 17

Some supervision required

Ouch.  The past two days, I hurt me.

I tried and failed to finish another Plaza Midwood Tuesday night ride.  Josh the Wonderboy joined me from my house for the evening.  We got to the Common Market just in time for a(nother) beer before the start.  I told Josh we needed to be close to the front in case we stopped for (more) beer.  The need to jockey for position at the bar was top priority.

Word came in that we were headed to the Heist Brewery... also that we were NOT stopping there.  Just regrouping.  We took off from the group to try and get a beer before they left.  We failed.  We had beer.  The ride moved on.

I suck at PMTNR.

From there, we headed over to some other Plaza Midwood establishment with more reasonable beer prices, the Tour and Iditasomething on the big screens.

We stayed until it got late.  Then the heavy rain started to fall.  We decided to wait it out and drink more beer.  That did not make the rain go away.  Eventually we had to head home in the deluge, and apparently before we left, I thought I should take a picture of the Fastest Bike in the World.

iPhones can be so useful when trying to piece together the night before.

I wanted to avoid any similar situations last night, but Niner Mike called me earlier in the day.  He was in town, which meant I was headed out of the house again.  So hard to do the hermit thing sometimes.

Fifty cent wings.  So happy they had something on the menu that fit within the parameters of my protein, vegetables and beer diet.  Eventually, a guy on a microphone started up with some trivia contest.  I was annoyed at first, but then my desire to compete with strangers kicked in, and all the useless things I learned in college came in handy.

That and the fact that you got bonus points for doing shots.

photo cred: Mudman
Needless to say, our table won... although I don't feel like a winner this morning.

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BUCK said...

After the "real" tour Pedro and I bar tended at G-burg bike week (Harleys not Treks) for three nights. I know how you feel. I've ridden in the woods once since the tour, it felt like I donated blood right before hand.