Friday, July 15


When I returned home from the Tour de Burg, I was given a writing task that kept me focused enough for a few days that I didn't have time for post-Tour blues.   I think it will show up in print... someday.  Assuming I didn't screw it up like I must have on that never-aired podcast interview I did with Fat Cyclist.  I wonder if it was my mumbling (which I'm sure got worse the deeper I got into the beers), the poor sound quality of my janky 2006 setup, or the fact that I really wasn't all that interesting.  More than likely all the above.

Back to a world without a longer term focus.

This is the time of year that I used to have a laser beam drive towards prepping for ORAMM, something I haven't done since 2013.  Pride and a lack of something to do make me want to go back more than I like to admit.  That and I miss that dark place I can put myself into when I get to a predetermined turn on Curtis Creek Road and go all in.  So bueno.

A certain group of miscreants are trying to get me to jump in the The Hub and Pisgah Tavern short bus for the Wilderness 101.  I can't seem to get them to understand that this race has nothing for me.  I can't describe the feeling, as I know others love this race.  I certainly don't have a problem finding a dark place there, it's just not the dark place I want to be in... ever... again.

I did finally make a decision...

Single Speed USA has been moved from the "Mebbe" column to the "do."

All it took was for Bill Nye and Jim to say they're going, and I fell in line.  I wasn't going to make the trip by myself, but with a slight nudge... this doesn't look as trbl.

Mebbe it does.  As much as I dislike jamming all my fun into a short time and all the traveling, a four day work week, followed by a four day work week, followed by a one day work week, ending with anther four day work week?  Buneo.

If I end up doing Fool's Gold?  Abbreviated work week #4 in a row.

I should be quite the train wreck going into the Shenandoah Mountain 100 for my (hopefully) tenth and final finish for quite awhile.  Don't know what I'll do on Labor day in 2017 since I haven't had to figure that out since 2005, but I'm sure it won't be "ride 100 miles."

Now, to try and stay motivated to not slip into winter mode in the middle of summer.


Anonymous said...

like W101, but love S100! fantastic races.... you guys are lucky to have those races so close... great trails, great food, great people, great beer etc... can't say enough about those races... friggen fantastic. I miss doing them for sure.

Rob said...