Wednesday, July 27

Nailed it.

Well, shit.

Last week, I was all excited about the change of Bennett Gap from being a seasonal trail (open Oct 15th - Apr 15th) to open all year long to bikes.

Then this:

"Booby traps were found on Bennett's Gap Trail in the Pisgah National Forest on 7/24/16 between 12-2pm. Logs, rocks, and roofing nails were placed on trail to intentionally harm/damage mountain bikers and their property. These actions are considered felonies/assault and can result in serious injury or even death to bikers. Please look out and report any future incidents."

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Here's hoping they get some game cameras up there, and they catch, charge and prosecute this person.  It's pretty obvious this is a reaction to Bennett's status being changed, but... unnnh... I don't understand what would make a person think this is... right?


Anyways, just putting the warning out there.  Will update if I hear anything else come out concerning this topic.  Not an entertaining post whatsoever, but if you're riding Bennett (at Mach 1), keep your heads up.


Mike P said...

It's always hikers. We even had a stint of saboteurs here in Fl at Alafia.

Anonymous said...

Hikers scatter glass at my local trails all the time. I hate people. On the topic of polticking, someone tell Kerry the clown glass is worse for the environment than air conditioners. It ruins my rubber!

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

I'm a peaceful person.

But I see lighting the kind of person that would do this on fire.


roadpig said...

Probably some otherwise mild mannered older "citizen" that wants the punks off of his lawn.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the perpetrator(s) - who is/are probably some kind of environmentalist hiker(s) and/or old-timer local(s)- knows that there is essentially no difference in his/her/their unwillingness to compromise,share, and understand that other perspective's matter than the same unwillingness displayed by all other bigots.

Hating people is the problem, not the answer.

Anonymous said...

fight fire with fire

this happened in BC, some old 65 year old lady

probably some old lady that has her girdle on backwards.

time to test out the stans I guess...
At least they didn't put fishing line across trees to decapitate people. That would hurt.

I take it some people have way way too much time on their hands...
if I caught someone doing this, I'd chain them to the back of my bike and keep them busy... they'd be my little slave.
sometimes these idiots don't know who they are fcking with...

just some weeks ago, I met a moron who tried to run me off the road. He stopped at the stop sign cause I gave him the finger. He was about to get out of his car, I said you get out of your fn car your dead... I went bizzurk ... he drove away after some very threatening words. I love fights though... don't like to start them, but if someone is going to be a goof and dish it out they better be able to stand up for themselves alone for we're going to a very dark place if the fight proceeds...

Anonymous said...

post a sign - anyone caught setting up traps for cyclist will be shot on site, no questions asked... then pay the largest meanest cyclist to sit at the trail head with a baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe to even the score up, I'll just run over the next suspicious hiker that I see! Mebbe with some extended bar ends sharpened and towards the center of the bars?... :D

Haha just kidding... sort of