Tuesday, July 19

Red Truck

The biggest problem that I have after the altercation I experienced with a man driving a red pickup truck yesterday on my way to work would not be that I stood my ground for no good reason (other than being in the right), but that I then spent the rest of my morning carrying around the fact that I lost my cool and remained angry, whereas I'm positive this was just one more shitty thing in his shitty life to be forgotten by the time he parks his red truck.

not my picture
I'm not saying you're an asshole if you drive a red truck, but your odds might go up a bit after the acquisition and an undetermined period of usage (according to my limited observations and rushed conclusions).

BTW:  On my first few runs of the day, I had my eye out for red trucks.  I had no idea it was such a popular color amongst truck enthusiasts.  Noted.

No matter who was in the right, we both failed at being Buddha.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with you on just about everything political and sometimes social, but when it comes to full size pick-up truck owners, I totally agree. I don't know what it is, but most in my experience are total ass hats. Now Toyota Tacoma owners? no problem. Range rover and land rover owners, no problem (albeit can be snobs). Toyota FJ and Jeepers? usually cool. Not all truck/SUV owners are bad, but full size trucks attract a certain type for sure.

dicky said...

I'm just making light of a trbl situation that I took an active (reactive) role in. I know more than one non-asshole full-size truck owner... mebbe even a red one.

Anonymous said...

I hope you slashed his tires... I used to do that all the time, but now that my route to/from work is mostly bike paths, I don't need to do such things anymore :) but, I did enjoy the revenge though... for if I was put in hospital because some lazy ass didn't want to lift their hand to turn the steering wheel or move their fat ass foot to press on the brake, thus taking quality of my life through carelessness really (ie hitting me on my ride).

I encountered the same thing yesterday, was bombing down a hill going straight and some fck-headed-mother-fcken-idiot-ofabastard decides to turn in front of me at the last second. Luckily I saw the move and turned... gave him the finger then the chase was on. I was going to beat the living sht out of the fcker... he was some fat bastard in 3000lbs of metal.
Last time this happened, some months back, some fat bastard stopped. Nearly got in a scrap with the fcker... I love fighting, so they can bring it on.

AdamB said...

During a ride many years ago in S. Fla, after another too close for comfort pickup truck mirror passed our shoulders, my friend quipped:
"Not all folks who drive big pickups are a$$holes, but all A$$holes drive big trucks (usually Dodge Rams)."
It is SO hard to remain cool and show love to the person who thinks your life is pretty much worthless. Deep breath...

Dwayne said...

I drive a big A$$ truck and chew Big Red. If you don't chew Big Red, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Failed at being Buddha?...but you're short, tubby(in the winter), and bald(ing). You just need to start wearing a table cloth.

-A. Dillen

truck said...

Idiocy a$$hole meter though, last weekend was like the gumball rally of a$$hole big red truck drivers :(

Anonymous said...

I nearly got in a fight with some Ahole in a red car this morning, does that count? This old fat bastard cut me off then gave me the finger. Chased the fcker to the next stop sign and banged on his car... when I get mad I get really mad. This fcker red lined me. Luckily the fcker pressed on the gas cause if he would have got out of the car... who knows what would have happened to him. I ain't no kind SOB... someone cuts me off, I like revenge. Its sweet, esp if they have 3000lbs of metal and are fat SOBs... they think they are tough when behind all that metal, when in reality they are wimps.