Monday, July 25

Tour de Droopy: Part Two

Just because I saw this today...


I already wrote a blerhg post about this back in July of 2014.

Two years ago.

It's seems stupid to me that feet would be still dragged aboot by the professional roadies and their teams.  All arguments against it are dumb.  That Froome/Sagan position.   Ridiculous.

Unsafe. Inefficient when actually pedaling with the shittier option of leaving the top tube to get back on the saddle to take a few efficient pedal strokes and then get back into this dogawful place.   Steve Tilford already took the time to rip Frooming apart.  He cites this study that also shows it being a pretty silly choice.

Look at position number two though.  What could make that even better?


Not to mention the convenience of being at a proper pedaling height at the push of a button AND THEN BEING ABLE TO GET RIGHT BACK TO SUPER AERO IN LESS THAN A SECOND WITHOUT RISKING YOUR GOODY BAG (or your teeth)?

All arguments against using one on a stage with a lot of descending are trbl.

Weight?  Mechanics have been known to attach weights to a bicycle because it's too light to be UCI legal.


Road frames could go back to a sloping top tube design to accommodate even longer droppers, not these silly things that only adjust 10mm.

The UCI requires that all frames being raced must be available to the public, so making a special frame just so Froome can descend and get 12 seconds SAFELY can't be done (he didn't get all 12 seconds on the descent with that trbl position BTW)... and why produce these dropper road frames anyways?  It's not like the average STRAVA Fred wants to gain any speed advantage possible.

Yeah, right.

Go ahead and give me the old, "I don't need a dropper on my road bike" argument.  I don't care what you think you need.  Buy what you like and be content with your decision.  I want the whole world to be happy like in those old Coke commercials, but with fewer cavities and cases of diabeetus.  I know plenty of people that don't droop on their mountain bikes, and that's fine... for them.  I've ridden all sorts of scary ass shit on my rigid non-drooped SS, and I can tell you, I won't do it (willingly) again.

To each his own.

I'll admit, I sat astride a road bike at Bike Source yesterday that was my size and took note of it's barely exposed 27.2 seat post.  No room to get a prooper drooper on there.  Not a total reason to not buy a road bike, but a tick in the negative column for an idiot like me looking for excuses to not own a road bike.

I know I've written some of this before, but the tactile feel of a keyboard just feels pleasant, so this was good for me.


AdamB said...

Makes sense. But where would you mount the drooper trigger?

dicky said...

Wherever their smart people stick them.

Rob said...

"Droppers for everyone (except me, because mine is back for warranty repairs)"