Friday, August 12

A post to fill in for a real post

Things are winding up.  My brain is everywhere.  A text from Jim a couple days ago reminded me that we leave for SSUSA in a week.


Still gotta finish packing the By:Stickel for the Duwango Tango Mancation '16.

I really hate shoving my bike in a box.  Such as a messy affair.  Like trying to get anything that comes in a stuff sack back in its respective stuff sack.  I actually pulled a muscle in my stomach getting it in there.  I know that doesn't make sense, but it happened.

Not much going on this weekend except I'm sneaking in one more trip to the mountains, which should be enough to figure out if I have my fjork properly tuned.

Fortunately, I'll be on some of the same trails I've ridden the last three times that I've been up there, so comparisons should be easily made.

Also, I'll be dealing with my personal jellies all day long.

Bill Nye has his Enduro™ machine all built up and ready to ride (once) before taking it all apart to put in a box and ship to Hermosa Tours for the Duwango thing.  Good to see that my poorly thought out purchase of shifty bits is getting back out in the dirt.  I've not seen this completed thing in person, but it sure looks nice from here.

I'll bet it rides like a bunch of sour grapes tho.


sperho said...

Are you doing one of the Hermosa tours? If so, which one(s)?

dicky said...

Not sure what we're getting into. Matt McFee said we're going to see some "good shit."