Friday, September 30

Y.A.W.Y.D. (You Are What You Destroy)

The first night of La Vida Bachelor was rough.  Starting with $1 pints of craft beer at 5:12PM is no bueno.  I mean, it was great, right up until the point that it wasn't.  Thursday morning lasted twenty three hours.

Thursday night was meant for productivity.  I picked up my new PDW Takeout Basket from Bike Source and returned home to put it on the Fastest Bike in the World.  It's all part of my multi-pronged effort to utilize either a Hip Monkey fanny pack, a lightweight Kletterworks Tote (for bigger things) and this basket in order to leave the heavy and unnecessary-for-commuting messenger bag at work.

Because... I want options. And all that stupid weight off one shoulder. What can I say? I'm old.

Bear in mind, I haven't really ridden with a hydration pack on my shoulder in... years?  No idea.  No matter the mountain bike ride, I've found a work around.  Why should this be any different?  I just don't want shit on my back anymore if I can avoid it.

So, first problem of the night.

My way dope Syncros 1" quill stem.  I was worried about this.  It's too big to fit between the brackets.

Fuck me.

Fortunately, it's just about as thick as the stock shims that are required to be used with at 25.4 bar, so I think I have a work around (partially clamping the stem).  It looks a bit goobered and askew, but whatever.  Feels solid enough.

Then it's time to mount something up for attaching a head light to the hole intended for said purpose.  I had a great idea to use some headset caps and a chunk of old crabon steer tube, because I didn't want to pay $24 for a metal nubbin (and I wasn't aware of the Origin 8 knockoff).  I thread in an M5 bolt... and it is rough going.  I assume they got some powder coat in the threads.

Silly (and vain) me, I'm using a red aluminum bolt.  Because I have one.  Turn, turn, turn... things are getting sticky.  Decide to back it out and thread a steel bolt in to chase the threads.

The bolt snaps off.  Grab some channel locks, grab the bit sticking out, turn... it snaps off flush to the rack.


Break out the drill.  Patience.  Not my strong suit.  Make a hole.  Make it bigger.  Even bigger.  Decide that I don't have what it takes to remove the bolt without damaging the threads further, decide to just drill the whole thing out to accommodate a M6 bolt and just use a fucking nut.  I'm getting a little pissed.

Drill it out, make some half-assed measurements, voila.

At lease one thing works out as intended... and I found a use for the Y.A.W.Y.D. stem cap that Niner Mike gave me at Fool's Gold.

Take the whole thing back upstairs, put the Fastest Bike in the World in the satellite office (the corner of the living room), bounce it up and down to check the stability.


Something hits the floor.  One of the fucking shims.  For real.


I just don't have the energy to throw out f-bombs anymore.

Head downstairs, grab the ratchet and 8mm box end, remove the evening's efforts.  Keep myself from throwing everything across the room.

Think about as many ways to solve the problem as possible. 

Question for those smarter than me:

I'm pretty sure I can remove enough material from the stem without compromising integrity.  Seriously.  Look at it.

A hack saw seems primitive.  Maybe take it to the shop and use a headset facing tool?  Whaddaya think?

Why can't I just have nice things?

Obviously, I could get a new stem.  But it wouldn't be a baller 1" quill Syncros stem.  And also, I'd have to buy it.  Meh.

Anyways, La Vida Bachelor rolls into the weekend.  As of yet, I have no plans.  A few of us were supposed to make plans during $1 beer night, but the plan to make plans was greatly affected by said $1 beers.  We spoke briefly and then moved on to other topics of random importance.

Leaving me with no plan, but several possibles... but nothing solid.

Hmmmm.  I could spend all weekend with a file and my stem. 

At least I have that.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Angle grinder, 15 bucks and 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

as long as you don't start racing with that thing and carrying small dogs in it... around my place, people carry their groceries, their tampons and small dogs in those things. Why not buy a trailer? what would be cool to have is an easy mount trailer (seat post mounted) that has a small kitchenette, a reclining seat, a small beer fridge and 12 inch tv... plus some room to carry stuff.

Anonymous said...

dicky, if you haven't use an angle grinder before, it will work but proceed with caution, it removes material very quickly.
I've got a rivendell stem you can have.
Mike B.

Glen Evans said...

Dicky ,send me your stem and the dimension you need . i will machine it to the size you need and send it back.
it sure would be nice to look down and see something put together nice and clean instead of some hack-job. let me know.

dicky said...

Thanks. I'm getting a donor stem to make sure I'm gonna keep the rack.

Appreesh, Glen