Tuesday, October 11

Shapely Sexy

I still had things to do that were unrelated to removing things from what used to be my bedroom and trying to remain ignorant to how much certain things will suck for some foreseeable time.

Cleats on two pairs of work shoes.  One pair, I caught in time. The other?

The first shoe was textbook. Slots were perfect. All it took was a screwdriver and a steady hand. Then I guess I got cocky. Boogered up both of the other screws and had to treat them like a bedroom that had been hit by a tree in a hurricane. Surgical destruction and removal.

Then it got even shittier.  The cleat mounting plates had seen better days.  Misshapen like a tortellini with four holes in it.  Best way I can think to describe it.  Found some new Shimano ones (where did those come from?) that just needed some time on the bench grinder to get them to fit.

Precision is for things people can see.  Function over form inside of my shoes.

I also got the rigid crabon frok back on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7, which was a good and now a bad thing.

I planned on getting to Uwharrie on Sunday, come hell or high water or falling trees.  Unfortunately, I had to stick around the house while the restoration guys picked up the pieces of my bedroom that were in the front yard.  I couldn't get out very early, nothing in town was open, and after awhile, the idea of driving all the way to Uwharrie through normal people day traffic sounded terrible.  Sucks.  I haven't been on a rigid frok since the beginning of August, and I really wanted to knock the dust of the skill set before the Lula Lakes Land Trust 5 Points 50.

The decision to finish off the "season" in a turgid manner mebbe wasn't so smart.  Too lazy/busy to swap back now.

Left to my own devices early in the afternoon, The Pie was headed out on a long run in preparation for a marathon in a couple weeks and Nia doing homework.

Brewery ride, anyone?  Grab the fanny pack and the Misfit Meatplow V.5 and head out the door around 12:55PM.

Across town to Blue Blaze to get there just in time for the organized ride to start, but I bought a beer and just stayed there... well actually, I found out they do the Bicycle Benefits thing up right and the first pour is free.

I headed out to the gravel lot and sat on the tiny rocks talking to Greg and Dread from The Spoke Easy until Kevin showed up and then more beer and a ride home past Legion Brewing for one "mystery" beer and then home to watch the debate reality show (can't wait for the season finale... hope it's not a cliffhanger).

So, keeping with the theme of not really doing any training since the Shenandoah Mountain 100, but somehow racing three times in a month for distances that would probably not feel so bad if I stayed in shape...

but I didn't.  Meh.

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Anonymous said...

Advocat sez:
Uwharrie was nice on Sunday - 'cept for the 12 or so downed LARGE trees and lots of blowdown. Took long time to do 1 circuit. Emily lost 2 spokes on the first leg and she and Tom ended up doing 12+ miles on the gravel due to her wobbly wheel. But they didn't have to stop for any trees...

Rocks are much more exposed than just a year or so ago on lots of the trail. My hands and wrists were pretty beat up after 1 lap. Would not have been fun (for me) on a rigid!