Monday, November 21


How has it been so long since I've ridden the Backyard Trails?

Met up with Colin and Jason... and eventually, Joey.  Such a beautiful tshirt weather casual rip on our current drought-conditions local trail.

This is a season (not "season") to live for.  

I'm really digging the Minion DHF+ front tire.  Gobs of traction and volume.  Not the fastest all-around tire, but certainly one of the funnerest when it matters.  

Finally got my nuts up to do the one gap/drop I'd never done on a rigid fork. 

video documentor: Joey E
Of course it felt like nothing.  Meh.  Still, demon defeated.   I guess that counts for something.

Anyways, a couple weeks in a row of riding (a bike) to the (bike) ride.  All that driving to events September through October and into November... it was wearing on me.  I hate driving.  There's nothing more freeing in its pure stupidity than using a single speed mountain bike as transportation.  The world is better without a windshield in front of you, and the limited speeds force you to soak in your surrounding environment.  

I often times lament the coming four day weekend as too long.

But I have a lot of to-dos on the white board.

I plan on riding at least three times before Monday comes around, so there's that.  And social things.  And whatnot.

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Chris said...

Its good to see the BYT is still alive. I'm hauling my bike down to the inlaws for the holiday and was planning an escape to BYT ( which i've never ridden ) or the NCWWC, which i haven't ridden in a couple of years.

i'd read rumblings of the BYT being taken out of commission a couple months ago.