Thursday, November 3

Trick or Retreat

Tomorrow, I'm shoving off for the Faster Mustache Team and Also Others Retreat at Mulberry Gap.  I've never been there before, but I heard good things.  They say the breakfast is to die for but the suppers are a reason to live, so I'm a little confused about all that.

I picked up my own meal plan just in case.

I'm still not sure if I'm bringing one bike with many forks and tires or two bikes and fewer pieces parts.  It all comes down to transportation and carpool issues.  I need to get more back-to-back time with the titanium VS crabon frok shootout, but I also have this to play with:

That's a Maxxis Minion DHF Plus (3.0 X 29).  It's beefy.  I'm hoping it's got more grip than the Chronicle while being a little rounder profiled/less self-steering.  It is heavier, but rubber knobbies gotta weigh something.

My left shoulder is kinda clunky again, so I'm not so sure how much rigid frokity things I'll be up to... thus the other bike and/or fjork scenario.  I also have no idea what to expect out of the trails we'll be riding, but there is a hot tub, so maybe all the painy parts will end up going away?

So anyways, life gets excite and less time for blerhging.

I should be back with stories and whatnot next week.


Anonymous said...

The rug ties the room together nicely - does NIA know you stole her shit......

Montana said...

The rubber of my dreams. So jelly.

Anonymous said...

Good place and great food. Fridge at main hub where food is served,insert barley pop for consumption with meals. Take some cushion for trails, your shoulder will thank you. Have fun!

Doug Mayer said...

Dat tire. Damn.