Tuesday, January 17

It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours.

I finally broke down and bought a new bike computer.

Yeth, I bought the same stupid, ancient, shitty computer that I already own.  Why?

I hardly ever use my computer.  I never did have much reason for it.  The clock feature was nice on the rare occasion when I thought I might want to be more mindful of my nutrition while racing.  A time piece is required gear at PMBAR (that race I do every year).  Occasionally, I considered it good to know what mile I might be at on some course I'm not familiar with... but normally not never.

It does come in handy for Tour duh Charlotte assploring.  I know I can use my phone and STRAVA and whatnot, but...  gloves, cold, phone-nosing, layers, pockets... stuff.  I just prefer the old school data producer to look at for such things.

Anyways, I went to my LBS to get a new computer last week.   That's where I got my old Cateye STRADA, but it had been acting up... since May?  Resetting for no reason.  Blanking out when it got wet.  Being a general nuisance and also wiggling in its mount.  I was open to looking at other options, but keen on getting the same same because of this:

That thumb dial on the wheel magnet sensor.  Number one value being that when I don't run a computer, I can just do this:

It's slightly cleaner than leaving it on there, and when I want the computer mounted back up, I'm not lining everything back up again with zip ties and anger.

It also allows for this:

That's me trying to remove the front wheel with a monster meat mounted on it.  I can't get the Maxxis 3.0 tires (whichever I might be running) to clear between the sensor and the brake caliper for removal... but if I loosen the thumb screw?

Blammo.  That won't work with a stationary sensor mount that almost very simple computer uses now.  So when I'm feeling totally hateful towards technology, two thumb screws (magnet and sensor) and a 5mm allen to remove the K Edge stem mount, and you'd almost think I was 100% Luddite.

So, I go into my LBS where I swear they had this computer in like a hundred different colors when I bought it last time to find little more than disappoint.  They only stocked a couple of $65 Cateyes with even more features that I didn't need and a ton of Specialized computers for a whole lot cheaper.

A discussion ensued, and in the end, I wondered why Cateye was even bothering to make these $65 computers.  The margins for the bike shop to carry them is dismal.  For a little bit more money (relatively), you can get a GPS capable bike computer, making this computer good for who again?

Anyways... I was disappoint.  The Cateye $65 would probably work with my easily removable (and 3.0 tire friendly) sensor, but $65?  For a clock and sometimes odometer.  Not much else.  I couldn't buy it on principal. 

Since I was looking for a simple and very outdated device, I turned to the internet to solve my problems.  Yeth, looking back, I might have been able to order this ancient POS that I wanted from my LBS, but I was dumbfounded at this point.  When I found a white one just like the one I already have on closeout, as I figured it would be because I'm the only person who would probably want this outdated and at full MSRP overpriced hunk of crap, I just clicked "buy."

Got the new computer, and it totally worked with the old sensor.   Hooray.

But it was a bit wiggly in the K Edge mount.  Hmmm...

Figured out the plastic bit in the K Edge was the same same as the plastic bit in the stock mount, went to swap them out, and no bueno.  Not same same after all.

Spend a few minutes with a file hacking away hoping to not screw everything up...


I took zero leaps forward as far as technology goes, and in fact, entrenched myself deeper in the past.  I've spent more money and wasted more time to change absolutely nothing.

Somehow, I feel better for it.


Anonymous said...

I want my 4 minutes back - bleck......

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about wasting other people's time?

dicky said...

Obviously, I'm very comfortable with the concept.

Anonymous said...

Great post and timely information!!

Anonymous said...

This is basically how I do things. Good post!