Thursday, March 30

Looking good, Billy Ray!

I'm just gonna squirt this humorless post out because time is of the effervescence.

The new Faster Mustache kits are ready to be ordered!

We gotta hit a minimum of ten on any type of item, so might I suggest ordering a skinsuit or perhaps a sleeveless jersey?

I will.

Buy a skinsuit and/or a sleeveless jersey and thank.

Because I really want a proper skinsuit.  Not an ironic one that's too big for me at winter weight...

No, I want one that fits right proper when I'm at race weight and shows all my flaws if I'm not quite there yet.  An added incentive to not be opening the cupboards at 8:30PM.  That three pocket skinsuit is in my future, but only if we get ten people to cowboy/cowgirl up and buy one.

If we can't make minimums, be prepared to see more of this in '17.

The order closes on April 14th, so figure out how much the IRS is giving you back and INVEST IN SOME SWEET DUDS.


S Sprague said...

Are the kits shipped to my address or will I need to pick them up? Nice kits!

dicky said...

Shipped to you!

Anonymous said...

feeling good Louis