Thursday, March 9

Moring Goring Deets

Even more GORE Bike Wear stuff...

I got to be a very good GORE ambassador this past weekend at the Maxxis Appalachian Summit.  For a bunch of "industry" insider douchebag media people, there certainly were a few surprised faces when we got to the bottom of the cold descent down Mountaintown Creek Trail.  I took off my Rescue Windstopper® Active Shell Jacket...

shoved it all into its tiny chest pocket, and stored the size-of-a-good-taco bundle into the Super 8 strap on my top tube.

"Ummmm... what jacket is that?"

Srsly.  I'm so glad I got this jacket that I told the folks at GORE I didn't want.  This is a go-to for moments when shit goes south or you're only going to need to jacket to get through the chill of the morning or a long descent.  Remember, I just don't wear a pack.  Like ever.  I need something super stowable.

I should mention that in all fairness, it takes a little bit of time to shove it all in the tiny pocket and zip it up.  If I were in a race situation, it's a lot easier to kinda stuff it in the hood and wrap it like a burrito...

because the fact that the Super 8 will hold a burrito has already been proven by Scottie P.

Friday's ride had an even colder start than Saturday's, and so I finally got a chance to try out the ALP-X Pro WS SO Shorts.  WS for Windstopper.  SO for... you got me.  Sans Oatmeal?

These also fell under the category of things that were sent to me that I wasn't really sure I wanted but felt like I'd give them a fair shake.  The fit was excellent.

I realize that's a personal thing, but they are bueno for me.   The abrasion resistant material in the crotch and on the butt is a nice touch.  Don't know when I'd use the tiny pocket, but it's there, so who knows?  What if I decide that I want to start carrying trail Toblerones?

Anyways, form-fitting enough that they weren't flapping in the wind, Windproof enough to keep the serious chill off my thighs and ding dong, and since it's made from Windstopper material, it should do a nice job of keeping spray from soaking through to my chamois.

I will admit that when paired with the Rescue Windstopper® Active Shell Jacket, I did look a little over-GORE'd, at least as far as logos go.  It's a small price to pay if you don't wanna freeze your balls off but wanna bust the guns out when the suns out later in the day.

And for those keeping score at home, that makes the fine people at GORE Bike Wear three for three on sending me something that I thought I'd hate but ended up feeling all warm and fuzzy about after actually trying it.



Joel G. said...

Can you provide some sizing for info i.e. jacket size and your size (height, weight, chest size etc)?
I have a few Gore jackets and the sizing between the two is waaaay different.

Anonymous said...


dicky said...

Joel G.

Don't know my chest size offhand, but assume bird-like. I am 5'6.5" and weigh 130lbs or so. I got a small so it doesn't flap in the breeze, and the sleeves are just the right length that my wrists are not exposed when I'm in a riding position. Waist is at the right place that it's not bunched up in front or exposing my butt crack.

Joel G said...

Thanks--this does help.